There's nothing more exciting than the first time you scuba dive, but as it may happen with anything you try for the first time, you may be nervous and even a little bit anxious.  Don't worry! Vallarta Adventures, a certified 5-Star PADI Dive Center and our expert scuba instructors have prepared this top 10 that will make your first time underwater as extraordinary as it can be.

1. Relax - be cool and enjoy every minute of your experience

2. Trust your Scuba Instructor - rest assured knowing that our instructors are experts and their priority is your safety

3. Follow the Instructions - make sure to understand and follow all the scuba gear instructions the instructors give you

4. Breath slowly - once again, relax and enjoy the moment

5. Compensate as you Descend - as often as you need it, when scuba diving it is very important to pay attention to your body needs

6. Descend slowly - take your time, enjoy the ride, this is not a speed race

7. Hold your Security Line - as you descend it is very important to always hold the line

8. Discover a New, Underwater World - look for colorful fish, listen to the different sounds, enjoy every moment, noise, and sight of this "new" place

9. Follow your Scuba Instructor - be close to him, he'll make sure you feel confident and safe.  Also he'll show you all the sea life you might be missing