This tour is educational and exciting at the same time! I checked in at the dolphinarium, I was greeted with really friendly staff. I waited two minutes in the snack bar since I was early for the adventure. At three pm sharp, the host guided me to a water patio that took us to the second dolphinarium. Everyone that was doing the adventure was seated on benches overlooking the pools where the dolphins were. One of the dolphin trainers gave us a brief introduction as to what were included in the Dolphin extreme swim. After briefly educating us about the unique creatures that are the Bottlenose dolphin, the trainer gave us a safety briefing and we were on our way to the changing rooms. The group changed into their swimsuits and the staff handed us swimming fins, and diving masks, then hopped into the huge pools where the dolphins were waiting for us. During the first few minutes the trainers let us touch the dolphins while they were swimming around with us.

The dolphins were really fun to play with, they even gave us kisses, danced with us and we could even hug them! The dolphins were a delight, at one point the dolphins pushed us on a boogie board at a surprisingly fast speed! I didn’t even know they could swim that fast, let alone push a person on a boogie board! The dolphins even took us diving, which is super fun, we dove at least 4 feet deep twice! To end the encounter with the dolphins, we saw a show, the dolphins did backflips, frontflips, even strolled on top of the water and sang for us! To conclude the tour, the trainers took us to interact with the sea lions. To be really honest the sea lions were much more friendlier, they gave us kisses, made really funny faces, they can also do backflips and even front flips. The photographers really did a good job capturing all the amazing moments from both the swim with dolphins and the sea lions. They even took video of us during the whole activity! Really considerate!