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Thank you for your interest in joining our team. We believe that being enthusiastic, experienced and highly knowledgeable about something you love is a great thing. We strive to create a work environment that encourages creativity, personal and professional fulfillment, teamwork, and a passion for exploring the natural beauty, diverse cultures, and history of Mexico.

Working at Vallarta Adventure is about more than a great seasonal or summer job. In addition to a rewarding work and cultural experience, we offer you the opportunity to discover some of the most beautiful locations in and around Puerto Vallarta while making new friends. You will meet people from around the world and will create long-lasting memories for yourself and for our guests.

Our common goal is to provide adventure travelers with the opportunity to explore the world with a sense of discovery and wonder, and to preserve our environment for future generations. In doing so, we create adventure tours that are as enriching and memorable as they are educational and fun.

Vallarta Adventure employs over 500 people from 17 different countries, and each and every one of them embodies the spirit of adventure and the joy of discovery upon which Vallarta Adventure was established. Our tour guides and adventure trip leaders are our guests' connection to the places and cultures we visit - and the key to an unforgettable experience.

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Meet the DolphinsChinese Pole Acrobat

• Male maximum height 5'7". • Minimum 4 years experience; Slim and athletic complexion • Excellent physical fitness • Onstage experience • Ability to work as part of a team • Precision of execution.

Send us your demo or link to your portfolio when attaching your resume. 

Contemporary Dancer

• Male maximum height 5'9". • Minimum 4 years experience as a contemporary dancer/ballet • Slim and athletic complexion • Excellent phyiscal fitness • Ability to work as part of a team.

Send us your demo or link to your portfolio when attaching your resume. 


• Woman • Aged 18 to 30 years • Musical training and/or studies • Excellent presentation • Schedule availabilty.

Send us your demo or link to your portfolio when attaching your resume. 


• Minimum experience 5 years • Fluent English • Excellent presentation • Availability to change residence to Puerto Vallarta.

Send us your demo or link to your portfolio when attaching your resume. 

Entertainment Manager, MC

• Bilingual, Spanish and English • Male, 23 to 30 years • Proven hotel experience • Ability to perform in front of large audiences • Radiant stage presence and charisma • Excellent physical fitness • A feel for outdoor activities and sports

Meet the DolphinsHost

• Male up to 28 years • Fluent English, schedule availability • Customer service experience • Sales skills • Radiant stage presence and charisma • Excellent presentation

 Meet the DolphinsPhotographers

• Fluent English speaker; 20 to 28 years • Outgoing and a feel for outdoor activities • Sales and Photography skills • Schedule availability (no students)

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