Considered one of the most beautiful private beaches in the world, Las Caletas is the perfect mix of a secluded natural paradise, with Sierra Madre's vegetation as the perfect background, calm and clear waters, and a wide range of activities that delight the more adventurous and those who want a full day of relaxation.  

Sounds like a perfect plan, but there's more. What if you start your adventure with an unforgettable dolphin swim. Before leaving to Caletas you'll have the chance to live this incredible encounter and get to know these amazing marine mammals in our Dolphin Swim Experience. 

Ready for an unforgettable adventure? 

Meet the DolphinsGet acquainted

This program starts with an interactive orientation by our dolphin experts, teaching you all about the dolphin's anatomy, physiology and unique characteristics. You'll learn special hand training signals and positive reinforcement to communicate directly with these highly intelligent creatures giving you a unique insight into how these enigmatic mammals behave.

Know your new friend up close

You'll wade into the clear shallow waters of our specially designed pool to begin your exclusive dolphin swim experience. Getting to know your new friends up close, with playful hugs and kisses.

Dolphin ride

You'll also get the opportunity to take a ride across the pool from one of our dolphin friends. It's an experience you'll never forget!  Don't miss this chance for you and your family to make a life-long connection with the ocean's most curious and playful animals.


MassageRefresh, Revitalize, Rejuvenate & Rejoice

Once settled on shore, you can either relax or really really relax. Whether you want to bask in the tropical sunshine on the beach, climb into a hammock and chill out in the shade, or indulge in a therapeutic massage or facial at our hilltop Spa Center - it's all about taking it easy to re-invigorate your mind, body and soul in one of the most beautiful settings on earth.

Kayak in Crystal Clear WaterSnorkel, Scuba, Kayaking & Paddle Board

Or get active and wet exploring the stunning cove of Las Caletas. Take a guided snorkel tour or pick up some equipment and head off on your own. Grab a stand-up paddleboard or a kayak and explore the waters of the cove. Swim out to the offshore platforms to chill out in the sun or practice your dives.

If you wish to go scuba diving at Las Caletas, you can book it here.

Scarlett MacawFun and Educational Land-based Activities

Away from the water there's an abundance of other activities; learn to cook Paella, discover Las Caletas' prolific flora and bird life on a walk through the jungle, orchid gardens and interactive parrot center, or explore the natural amphitheater and the Mayan Pyramid that serves as center stage for the contemporary dance performance of our Rhythms of the Night tour.