Private Dolphin Swims for Families or Couples

Create magical memories during your Puerto Vallarta holiday by designing a custom dolphin swim program exclusively for you and someone special or your family. You design your dolphin swim program—choosing the interactions for you and your loved ones. Meet with one of our friendly, professional trainers and, together, design a program that will put smiles on everyone's face!

A Dolphin Swim Designed for You

A belly ride for your daughter? A foot-push for your special someone? A fishy dolphin kiss for grandma? It is your program to design, so you get to choose all the fun and amazing interactions.

 Meet Your Dolphin

Hop in the clean, clear waters of our saltwater pool and meet your new flippered friend. You will enjoy fun and intimate interactions, all selected by you, as you play and swim with your dolphin in your own private area of the pool.

Create a Special Moment

Swimming with dolphins is a magical, once-in-a-lifetime experience, and to share this time with your loved ones, creating unforgettable memories, makes it even more special. Together you will create vacation memories you will all remember forever.

Take Home the Memories

We will capture amazing photos during your private dolphin encounter that you can take home to share with your friends and family. Our team of professional photographers will document each moment of your swim. Following your swim, you can view your photos and purchase the amazing photos the capture you remarkable day with the dolphins.