Island Discovery

Take a walk on the iconic Lover's Beach in Puerto Vallarta. The Marietas Islands are an ecologically diverse sanctuary with a world-renown hidden beach nestled just out of sight. Take advantage of a small group format as you journey to the islands in our comfortable, inflatable boat. Swim through cave formations and rock archways, admiring the extraordinary terrain and more than 100 species of unique birds and fish that call these islands home.

Humpback Whale

Snorkel & Explore

Cruise around the islands on an eco-tour as we point out the unique wildlife and numerous species of birds. Expect an informative eco-discovery from our expert guide and maybe even a show from the nearby schools of dolphins as they leap out of the water throughout your journey.

Humpback Whale

The Humpback Whale 

On your return voyage, discover the spectacular world of whale watching in Vallarta! Watch for the enchanting Humpback Whales as they soar out of the water, or engage in fin flapping or lob tailing. There's absolutely nothing that compares to the thrill of seeing these fascinating animals in the wild. Their annual migration from the cold waters of Alaska brings them down to the Bay of Banderas in the winter where they procreate and raise their young in our warm, sheltered waters. Get up-close to see these beautiful creatures from the sea-level perspective of our small boat excursion in an incredible and unforgettable experience.


"Inspiring Change" by Giving Back

As one of the few tour companies allowed to give tours of the islands, we feel the strong responsibility to protect them - and you help by joining us! A portion of the proceeds of each tour goes toward the protection and the study of The Marietas National Park. We want to ensure that these islands remain a refuge for marine and wildlife for years to come, not only for your children, but for your children's children.