Animal Wellness

The Adventure Group has stood since its foundation as an organization that provides the very best educational and altruistic content to help all types of stray animals we come across, specifically dogs and cats, and animals that require special care as crocodiles. We fund sterilization campaigns, and we also contribute with donations of food and medicine for local NGOs and wildlife centers.

Animal Wellness Initiatives


Sterilized Rescued Dogs and Cats


Since 2016, we have supported the donation of medicines and anesthetics for the Sterilization Campaigns carried out by PEACE, local NGOs and altruistic actors in Puerto Vallarta.


The Adventure Group is always aware of local alliances with other wildlife centers as the Cipatli Reptilarium in Puerto Vallarta. We gladly share good quality food from our Dolphin Center with them; we know each bit is very precious, so we make all our efforts to avoid any waste, and help the breeding and release of healthy crocodiles!

At the Adventures Group, we understand that knowledge and education are critical factors in spreading the importance of animal care. That's why we are always in touch with new generations by sharing campaigns, tours, and actions to increase their awareness. We want to inspire love for animals!

Little Big Questions

Little Big Questions is a specially designed media capsule where we answer and teach children about wildlife and its care in a fun, easy, and unique way!

Love Stories

Love Stories are examples where our staff and animals under human care develop strong bonds of both friendship and care.  One of the many ways we express our love for wildlife!

We feel proud of our participation and commitment with some of the most renowned non-profit associations. Our company has been granted with important certifications that recognize our dedication to animal welfare and preservation, such as Humane, RABEN, and IMATA

Humane Certification at Vallarta Adventures

Since our foundation, we had worked according to the highest standards of animal welfare, proof of this philosophy is our Humane Certification. A title that assesses the welfare of each of our sea lions, dolphins, macaws, and all species we have under our care. These extensive examinations confirm that our family members are not only in good condition physically and socially, but have good welfare overall. Our concerns are always to maintain: Outstanding health, housing, excellent feeding, management, appropriate behaviors, activity levels, thermoregulation, and lighting/shading needs.

Animal Research

The Adventure Group has supported the investigation and academic development since its foundation. We have developed several research centers of sea mammals where we are constantly analyzing data regarding behavior, scientific development, veterinarian medicine, and cognitive studies.

Students from around the world have developed their Ph.D. thesis and studies in collaboration with academies such as the Chicago Zoological Society ; the more information we have, the better marine life can be treated. The Adventures Group counts with several certifications as Humane and Imata; we are always improving our standards.