11 Must-See Shops in Sayulita

Read our list of 11 beautiful local shops that you won’t want to miss on your vacation.

Sayulita is a coastal town located just an hour outside of Puerto Vallarta that is celebrated for its delicious food, rich culture, and gorgeous shops. Here is our list of must-see shops that you can visit on our Sayulita and San Pancho tour and Sayulita Escape tour.

1. Pacha Mama

Pacha Mama shop in Sayulita

Pacha Mama is a shop created by the famous Mignot sisters, also known as Les Gazelles, whose store is part boutique and part art gallery and offers gorgeous hand-embroidered clothing, Tahitian black pearl necklaces, dream catchers and more. 

2. Evoke the Spirit

Evoke the Spirit boutique in Sayulita
Credit to Evoke the Spirit

Evoke the Spirit, created by Brittney Borjeson, offers handmade traditional Mexican decor, textiles, and jewelry that have been created by the owner herself as well as other artists. You won’t be able to resist her gorgeous yarn-painted animal skulls.

3. Revolución del Sueño

Revolución del Sueño boutique in Sayulita
Credit to Revolucion del Sueño

Revolución del Sueño is a boutique with three brands: Revolución del Sueño, A Mano Project, and Las Bayadas. Here you’ll be able to shop everything from hand-embroidered jackets to beach bags, clutches, blanks, and more.

4. Nakawé Trading

Nakawé Trading shop in Sayulita
Credit to Nakawé Trading

If you’re looking for modern and trendy home decor pieces, beachwear, or jewelry; Nakawé Trading is a boutique you won’t want to miss. The best part is that all of their products are ethically made and fairly traded.

5. R2 Fashion

R2 Fashion boutique in Sayulita
Credit to R2 by Ross

R2 Fashion is a charming boutique that offers gorgeous boho-chic clothing and homewares that are representative of Mexico’s rich embroidery traditions.

6. Manyana

Manyana store in Sayulita

Manyana is a trendy store that offers minimalistic, gender neutral garments, sunglasses, contemporary pottery, ceramic dishes, and copper hanging lamps.

7. Sayulita Sol Jewelry

Sayulita Sol Jewelry in Sayulita
Credit to Sayulita Sol Jewelry

Sayulita Sol Jewelry is one of the area’s best loved jewelry destinations. These gorgeous, minimalistic and statement pieces are hand-made in sterling silver and 14K gold.

8. Artefakt Project

Artefakt Project gallery and shop in Sayulita
Credit to Artefakto Project

If you would like to get your hands on some authentic Mexican art, don’t miss out on the Artefakt Project. It’s a small gallery that features original Mexican art, handloom woven textiles, cushions, tapestries, and much more. 

9. Sayulita Wine Shop

Interior of Sayulita Wine Shop
Credit to Sayulita Wine Shop

Sayulita Wine Shop is a boutique liquor store that sources rare spirits from all regions of Mexico. Their collection of vintage flasks also make the perfect gift for any liquor lover.

10. PALÚ Art for your Heart

PALÚ Art for your Heart art pieces in Sayulita
Credit to PaulinayElMar

Created by Mexican artists Paulina Gutierrez and Ana Luna, this gallery/store is built partly inside of an old Volkswagen van and under an outdoor pergola. Here you’ll be able to shop their hand-painted illustrations on canvas, wood, and even pebbles.

11. Tiendita Hola Sayulita

Tiendita Hola Sayulita shop
Credit to Tiendita Hola Sayulita

Tiendita Hola Sayulita is a great shop to pick up some cute gifts for kids. Shop their Frida Kahlo-inspired dolls and ultra-feminite jewelry and handbags.

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