5 Ways To “Take It Slow” In Puerto Vallarta

Slow Living represents a conscious lifestyle choice where individuals actively embrace a more balanced and meaningful existence.

This movement encourages slowing down the pace of life, actively fostering an appreciation for one's surroundings, and cultivating gratitude for the present. 

While some interpret slow living as actively prioritizing self-care and dedicating more time to personal well-being, others see it as an active departure from conventional aspirations, such as full-time employment or mainstream schooling, to actively embrace a more unhurried and deliberate way of life.

The slow living movement doesn’t only have to happen at home; it can also be applied when you go on vacation, and what better place to slow down than when you’re in Puerto Vallarta? 

Here are five Vallarta experiences you should add to your slow travel itinerary.

5. Relax With Luxury Sailing 

In today's fast-paced world, finding moments of tranquility becomes a precious commodity.

luxury sailing

Vallarta Adventure’s Luxury Sailing experience emerges as an oasis for those embracing the principles of the slow living movement, offering a respite from the hurried pace of everyday life.

Aboard an incredible sailing yacht, you’ll enjoy its gentle sway, the sea's rhythmic sounds, and the journey's unhurried pace, which are deliberately crafted to align with the ethos of slow living. Whether you're seeking a serene escape, a digital detox, or simply a pause from the chaos, our Luxury Sailing experience provides a sanctuary on the open waters.

As the sun begins its descent, the yacht transforms into a haven of tranquility. Delight in a gourmet dinner under the starlit sky, allowing the soothing sounds of the sea to serenade you into a state of relaxation.

No rushing, no tight schedules — just the luxury of time unfolding gracefully as you lounge on plush deck cushions or indulge in water activities at your leisure. Take in the luxurious amenities and unhurried exploration, a perfect juxtaposition to the hustle and bustle of daily life.

4. Connect With Dolphins

vallarta dolphins

In pursuing a slower, more meaningful life, the Dolphin Encounter experience offers a serene connection with dolphins in a safe environment. This immersive experience provides a break from the fast-paced world, aligning seamlessly with the principles of the slow living movement.

The encounter moves to a shallow water platform, encouraging a peaceful and relaxing experience. As you interact with your new dolphin friend, the soothing environment fosters a sense of mindfulness, allowing you to appreciate the warmth and intelligence of these remarkable creatures.

Families are invited to discover the wonders of dolphin communication and form meaningful bonds in the gentle waters of our specially designed habitat. Tailored for toddlers, non-swimmers, and adults alike, our Dolphin Encounter ensures everyone can engage in a 20-minute session with these Pacific Bottlenose dolphins.

3. Unwind With a Majahuitas Beach Day 

mujahuitas beach day

Majahuitas Beach Day invites you to unwind and savor the precious moments of a Sunday escape. Tailored for all ages and perfect if you’re practicing the slow living movement, this exclusive retreat promises a serene day of sun, sand, and relaxation.

Bid farewell to early morning rushes — Majahuitas Beach Day begins at a leisurely 11 AM, allowing you to start your Sunday at your own pace.

This laid-back experience invites families to unwind at the picturesque Majahuitas Beach Club. Parents find solace amid the chic charm and unspoiled beauty, while children revel in adventurous moments with paddleboards and kayaks.

Indulge in a curated culinary menu featuring fresh salads, zesty ceviches, and grilled seafood, complemented by tropical cocktails. Majahuitas Beach Day epitomizes a leisurely Sunday, inviting families to embrace the tranquility of nature and savor the moment by the sea.

2. Explore San Sebastian del Oeste

Explore San Sebastian del Oeste

Embark on a journey back in time with our immersive San Sebastian del Oeste tour — an ideal escape for all seeking to disconnect from Puerto Vallarta’s hustle and bustle. This exploration of the lost-in-time town is made for individuals of all ages looking to take life slowly.

A scenic ride transports you to San Sebastian, where cobblestone streets and colonial wonders await. Knowledgeable guides share the town's history, including visits to an 18th-century church and a silversmith workshop. Free time allows for leisurely exploration.

The cultural journey passes by a tequila distillery. Here, you'll learn the art of tequila-making and indulge in an artisanal tasting; followed by a delightful 3-course Mexican lunch  — the perfect complement to this well-rounded tour.

1. Enjoy Las Caletas 

Las Caletas 

When you need to escape the stresses of everyday life, indulge in the Las Caletas Beach Hideaway Tour, a haven for the slow living movement followers. Nestled along the Jalisco coast and cradled in the Sierra Madre Mountains, Las Caletas is one of Mexico’s top secluded tropical beaches, accessible only by boat.


Choose between relaxed moments in shaded hammocks or embark on thrilling adventures such as snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding. Immerse yourself in nature with guided walks, animal encounters, mezcal tasting, and cooking classes.

Hailed as Mexico's Garden of Eden, this nature preserve is a sanctuary rich in wildlife and breathtaking scenic vistas. 

Watch your children's faces light up with smiles and jiggles in the Kids Adventure Park. In this special section of Las Caletas, the little ones will enjoy riding a burrito, ziplining through the air, conquering a climbing wall, and interacting with friendly macaws. It is the perfect opportunity to strengthen family bonding and create memories together.

Slow Down and Enjoy Yourself in Puerto Vallarta 

slow living puerto vallarta

These experiences are perfect when you feel like you need to slow down your life and offer an escape for those yearning to recalibrate the rhythm of their lives, creating an ideal opportunity to decelerate and immerse in the present moment.

Explore these Vallarta adventures and more and find the perfect way to live out the slow living movement. You can also explore other slow-paced tours for seniors with Vallarta Adventures.

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