Babymoon in Puerto Vallarta

Your baby is well on his or her way, so now is the time to make the most of your mommy and daddy moments with a romantic babymoon in Puerto Vallarta.

Year after year, the Vallarta Adventures welcomes expecting parents into the heart of Mexico and supports couples to realize their babymoon dreams.

We work closely with some of the area’s most beautiful resorts to provide safe, convenient and truly remarkable tours and services that will elevate your vacation in ways you may not yet have imagined. We look forward to helping you plan the perfect babymoon and to ensuring you capture every moment with our team of photographers.

Bring unforgettable moments home from your tropical getaway

Pregnancy is a miraculous time in a family’s life – yet, we don’t always do the best job of remembering to capture the special moments and changes that define this journey. During your babymoon, you will finally have the time to stop, think about and engage in a professional maternity photoshoot. Whether you want naturalized lifestyle photography as you go about your vacation or you want to take thoughtfully posed photographs, our Adventure Photos photographers will patiently and creatively embody your beautifully unique pregnancy journey to create the perfect vacation keepsakes.

Tropical getaway for your babymoon

Attend the number one dinner show in Puerto Vallarta – Rhythms of the Night

Visit a mystical amphitheater nestled at the foot of a crumbling pyramid, set in the tropical rainforest of Las Caletas. Here, you will be swept away by an award-winning spectacle, which incorporates beautiful music, dance, costume and décor. You and your spouse will be absolutely captivated by the display of movement that tells an outstanding story about the human spirit and our relationships.

Rhythms of the Night

Begin your Rhythms of the Night evening with an evening boat cruise where you’ll take in the sunset and begin your magical journey towards a perfect night in Puerto Vallarta. Once you arrive at your destination for the show, you will be welcome by candlelight, a delicious meal and professional service staff that will tend to and delight you.

Then, once you’ve had enough of sand, sea and delicious food (if that’s even possible), the show will begin. Under the stars, you will be treated to this world-class show as well as an open bar, which dad can enjoy while mom gets her fill of equally sumptuous virgin cocktails.

If you want to skip the show and just focus on the sea and setting sun, you can take part in our sunset cruise.

Explore the famous Banderas Bay as it sparkles with pink and gold hues during this private sailing experience. Your luxury yacht will offer the utmost comfort for the momma-to-be as there is plenty of cushioned room to sit or lie back and feel the serenade of the setting sun.

Sunset cruise in Vallarta

Spend time with your friends from the sea in a safe and calming environment

Did you know dolphins can sense when a woman is pregnant? Thanks to their sonar abilities, the ocean’s friendliest creatures will likely be able to tell that you will soon be welcoming a new member to your family.

During the Vallarta Adventures Private Dolphin Swim tour, you will get to meet and learn about Pacific Bottlenose dolphins from the experts – dolphins themselves! You will also find out how to communicate them and see them in action. This is a really special experience for soon-to-be parents who want to instill a love of the sea in their little ones.

Private dolphin swim in Vallarta

Celebrate the coming of your little one with a superior Puerto Vallarta getaway

Don’t let your pregnancy go by without treating yourself to spectacular weather, food, amenities and relaxation. Begin planning your babymoon now and have something to look forward to as you enter your second trimester and really begin to see that beautiful bump!

Plan your babyboon in Puerto Vallarta

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