Best Places For A Romantic Date In Puerto Vallarta

Are you looking to surprise your loved one with a romantic escape like they’ve never experienced? When it comes to an unforgettable romantic vacation, you can’t go wrong with an adventure in Puerto Vallarta!

From serene picnics on secluded beaches to heart-pounding, adventures for thrill-seeking couples, to the vibrant nightlife of the romantic zone, Puerto Vallarta will have you and your lover falling in love all over again. 

  1. Picture-Perfect Picnics at El Mirador de La Cruz

If you and your partner prefer a peaceful getaway, a romantic picnic amidst the picturesque landscapes of Puerto Vallarta is an absolute must. Head to El Mirador de La Cruz for awe-inspiring views of downtown Puerto Vallarta and breathtaking sunsets that will leave you speechless. 

Capture these moments to treasure forever, as you bask in the serenity of this incredible vantage point. 

romantic things to do in puerto vallarta

And if you want to experience the magic of the ocean along with these great views, consider seeing Puerto Vallarta from a sailboat on a tour with Vallarta Adventures. Romantic, relaxing, and immersive, this tour has it all! 

  1. A Romantic Stroll Along the Malecón

The Malecón is a sensory delight for couples looking to immerse themselves in the rich culture of Puerto Vallarta. 

As you wander hand-in-hand, open your hearts to the amazing street food stalls and indulge in the local cuisine. 

Discover an enchanting array of sculptures from world-renowned artists, each one telling a story of the city's artistic soul. The Free Art Sculptures walk runs all year, making it a must-see experience for the artsy couples out there. 


Don't forget to explore the boutiques and galleries that line the Malecón, offering treasures that make perfect souvenirs for your romantic escape.

  1. Let The Sparks Fly in Banderas Bay

couples parasailing puerto vallarta

For the adventurous souls and nature-loving hearts that beat in unison, there is no shortage of excitement in Banderas Bay. One of the most exhilarating experiences you can have is parasailing in Puerto Vallarta, where you can see the beautiful coastlines and beautiful city from the air! 

You can also choose from ziplining, UTV adventures, or a combination experience with all the thrill-seeking you could hope for. 

The Ocean Mania Water Park tour with Vallarta Adventures is another journey that’ll take you aboard a speedboat, transporting you to a secluded ocean cove where a world of enchantment awaits to sweep you off your feet. 

Once you arrive, you'll be immersed in an array of heart-racing experiences, from the thrilling speedboat ride to soaring high above the waves through parasailing, and a host of other exhilarating activities like ocean ziplining, banana boat adventures, the mesmerizing Spinner, the playful Blob, Step-up challenges, and a captivating ocean waterslide, offering you countless moments of romance and excitement.

Let the sparks fly with any of these thrilling activities, all set in the beautiful outdoors of Puerto Vallarta.  

  1. A Night to Remember at Playa de Los Muertos

Playa de Los Muertos puerto vallarta

As the sun gracefully descends beneath the horizon, follow your heart to Playa Los Muertos, a beach celebrated for its enchanting romance. Settle into one of the beachfront restaurants and savor a delectable meal of authentic Mexican and seafood. 

Restaurants Near Playa de Los Muertos

Witness the iconic Los Muertos pier illuminated with a kaleidoscope of colors, creating a scene that's nothing short of magical. This breathtaking transition from day to night is a fun nightly ritual and a beautiful blending of the natural beauty and artistic ingenuity of Puerto Vallarta and the artists who live there.

  1. Swimming With Dolphins In Puerto Vallarta

Dolphins have been a symbol of romance for decades. If you and your partner enjoy animal encounters, a Dolphin Adventure with Vallarta Adventures will help you create memories to share forever. 

This unforgettable experience is both an intimate encounter with the ocean’s most playful mammals and a way to create intimacy with your loved one as well. 

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

  1. Eat Your Heart Out in the Versalles Neighborhood 

For the lovebirds seeking a taste of Mexico’s finest cuisine, a trip through the Versalles neighborhood will transport you to a realm of gourmet ecstasy, where authenticity and uniqueness intertwine. 

This slice of Puerto Vallarta, aptly known as the "gastronomic sanctuary," offers an array of eateries, bars, and restaurants. Immerse your senses in a symphony of tastes, from time-honored Mexican fare to exquisite international delicacies, all while enjoying the intimate ambiance that has made Versalles a cherished foody destination.

Places to eat in Versalles, Puerto Vallarta:

If after Versalles you and your lover haven’t gotten your fill, explore more of Puerto Vallarta’s cuisine offerings through the Puerto Vallarta Sunset Gourmet Experience!

  1. Feel Welcome in Puerto Vallarta The Romantic Zone

Nestled within the heart of Old Puerto Vallarta lies the vibrant and eclectic district known as the Romantic Zone. Celebrated for its romantic ambiance and LGBT-inclusive atmosphere, you and your loved one are sure to find a restaurant, a boutique, a bar, or a dance club where you can make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Amidst its charming cobbled streets and colorful buildings, you'll find an array of bars, spas, beach clubs, and a scintillating nightlife bursting with romantic energy. Puerto Vallarta’s Romantic Zone hotels are full of charm, culture, and intimate accommodations. 

For couples looking for a lively, inclusive atmosphere, a visit to this district promises a welcoming experience.

  1. Rekindle the Passion With Rhythms Of The Night!

For the ultimate romantic experience in Puerto Vallarta, Alma by Rhythms of the Night is a must for all couples! 

With over 7,000 five-star reviews, this experience is nothing short of amazing — when you book your tickets for this scintillating show, you get more than just entertainment. 

Start your journey by setting sail on a sunset cruise, accompanied by the warmth of an open bar, across the enchanting waters of Banderas Bay. Your destination is a secluded haven, nestled in the hidden embrace of Las Caletas. 

Guided by the flickering warmth of tiki torches, your path leads you to a table set under the stars. As you listen to the ocean's whispers, a marvelous dinner unfolds, accompanied by a cultural performance that will create a memory you and your lover can cherish for years to come.

Puerto Vallarta is Where Romance Goes to Thrive 

In Puerto Vallarta, romance is not just a fleeting moment — it's an immersive experience for you and your loved one to share. 

Whether you're picnicking on a secluded beach, strolling along the Malecón, or indulging in Versalles, your romantic escape to Puerto Vallarta will have you longing for your next romantic getaway! 

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