Christmas in Puerto Vallarta

Celebrate the Holiday Season in Puerto Vallarta

Welcome to Mexico where we love to celebrate and do so with the very best food, drinks and dance parties. Maratón Guadalupe-Reyes is a phrase often used in Mexico to describe the month-long parade of holiday parties and festivities. From the lighting of the trees through to the lengthy celebration of Las Posadas, you will get your fill of the frequent fiestas, which take place in Vallarta from December 12 through to January 6.

Celebrate the Christmas holidays in Puerto Vallarta

For the nine days of Christmas, you can eat, drink and dance your way into our festive fiestas

Las Posadas lasts for nine days, from December 16th through the 24th, and commemorates the journey of Mary and Joseph from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Each evening, you will find candlelit processions leading toward house parties that emulate the welcoming into the “inn”. The celebrations culminate on Christmas Eve when these posadas typically end. After taking in the sights at the town nearest to your resort, you’ll be able to enjoy a fantastic meal within one of your award-winning hotel restaurants.

During these festivities, you will find people dressed up to replicate the Nativity Scene, including the donkeys and Mary and Joseph. You’ll encounter many holy images and relics and the true adoration of the people for the amazing story of one of the world’s best-known families seeking refuge within the inn.

Make your spirits bright in celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe

celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe

During the Festival of Guadalupe, the streets are alive with celebration – especially in Puerto Vallarta where the Cathedral of the great Lady is an unmissable landmark. The Lady of Guadalupe is also known as the Virgin Mary, and she is wholeheartedly celebrated by countless patrons who acknowledge her miraculous works and narratives of wonderment.

From December 1 until December 12, Vallarta citizens pilgrimage to her church, bearing gifts and beautiful music. This colourful candlelit event culminates in the closing ceremonies on the 12, which is the liveliest of all the evenings, inclusive of a wonderful light show over the Bay of Banderas.

Cultivate your one holy pilgrimage while hiking the trail of the Virgin of Talpa

Hiking the trail of the Virgin of Talpa

Each year, thousands of people visit Talpa, Mexico, searching for miracles as they walk this holy trail towards the shrine of the Virgin Rosario of Talpa. Typically, a sleepy town, during the holiday seasons – especially Christmas and Easter – Talpa welcomes countless people who want to visit this beautiful, venerated space to bask in the legacy of Rosario.

Travel down the mountains of the Sierra Madre to meet at the Basilica de Nuestra Señora and continue onto one of the most important catholic centers in Mexico. Along the way, your company can tell you about each special place you travel through and, ultimately, the amazement you can expect to encounter as you participate in the beautiful, shared experience of a holy pilgrimage.

Feel the Rhythm of the Night during New Year’s Eve

Rhythm of the Night during New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is one of the most celebrated and romantic nights of the year. This holiday season, you can ditch the snow for the sand and sea and watch the sky light up with fireworks. The Bay is especially beautiful on this special occasion as our warmly welcomed guests indulge in delicious food and wonderful cocktails and enjoy an unforgettable light show with the crashing waves beneath them.

Make your evening even more spectacular with Vallarta Adventures’ Rhythms of the Night New Year’s Eve package, which includes an exquisite candlelit dinner, served by a gourmet chef as well as a premium spot to watch the fireworks display from. Sip away at the open bar on your Sunset Cruise as you sail into the New Year with the ones you love.

Celebrations are bigger, better & brighter in Puerto Vallarta

Celebrate the holiday season in Puerto Vallarta

Each year is full of its own challenges and highlights, so it’s important that we take time away from the hustle and bustle of reality to make happy memories and rediscover the best parts of truly living. Allow Vallarta Adventures to help you plan your perfect Vallarta Christmas, with all the fixings, so you can make your holiday season merry and bright.

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