Explore Mascota, A Pueblo Magico in Jalisco

Learn about all the best things to see and do in the Pueblo Magico of Mascota, Jalisco from a local guide. We can’t wait to show you around.

Amatzacatlan - Matsocotla, “place of deers and snakes”, explore this gorgeous town with local guide Juan Carlos Gil. Known as the ‘emerald of the mountains’, Mascota, Jalisco is worth the short drive during your vacation to Puerto Vallarta. Let’s dive deep into the rich culture and one-of-a-kind experiences that this beautiful village has to offer.

Mascota’s Cultural History

The town of Mascota was originally inhabited by the Tecos, an indigenous community. In 1525, Hernan Cortes sent his nephew, Francisco Cortes de San Buenaventura, to explore the area, and that’s where the story begins!

Mascota’s Cultural History

Tour CBTA 31 High School

The CBTA 31 High School stands out for its livestock and agriculture programs. This high school is one of the institutes where teenagers get trained to work on various farmlands. The high school staff also works with the students to build up their tactical skills, in order to position the younger generation for success. For example, you can see the carpentry class working with their instructor to build picnic tables that can be used by other students and members of the community. 

Visit The Precious Blood of Christ Church

This beautiful place is called "The Precious Blood of Christ" and is a very popular tourist destination, admired by both foreign and national visitors, due to it being a 'Pueblo magico'. The main church, dated back to the 19th century, was never completed, and the only finished section is the little side chapel which was inaugurated on July 1st, 1905.

Since then, every year, on this day, there is a festival here with mariachis. Lots of people come to participate in the traditional kermesse where you can taste various regional delicacies made by the town's residents.

Take in the Beauty of “La Dolorosa”

Walk Through the Main Streets of Mascota

Perhaps one of the best things to do during your stay is to explore the main streets of the town and admire its beautiful old houses. Community members will buy ingredients that are produced at the CBTA High School, such as milk and cream, and use it to bake bread, cookies and traditional ahualulco. Be sure to stop by a local bakery to try all the delicious treats.

Take in the Beauty of “La Dolorosa”

Any trip to Mascota must include a visit to “La Dolorosa”, as people call it. This is the main temple, called "Parroquia de la Virgen de los Dolores," whose festivity is celebrated every year, on September 15. Be sure to go inside and admire the captivating baroque architecture, and visit “La Dolorosa”, the Virgin Mary.

Take in Magic of Mascota on Your Next Vallarta Adventure

We hope that you will consider adding a trip to Mascota to your itinerary. At Vallarta Adventures, we are committed to providing educational and culturally rich experiences, which makes Mascota one of our favourite pueblos. Get to know all of Jalisco, and explore the other pueblitos of the Sierra Madre on a delicious food tour, or walk through the streets of San Sebastian del Oeste.Talk to our local guides and let us show you what we love about our towns.

Take in Magic of Mascota on Your Next Vallarta Adventure

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