Explore the Beach Town of Quimixto in Cabo Corrientes

Welcome to Quimixto, a small village in Jalisco on the southern part of Banderas Bay.

Known for its stunning beach and waterfall, Quimixto is a must see on your next vacation to Puerto Vallarta. Get to know this gorgeous, laid back town from our local guide Daniela Valdez.

All About Quimixto

Quimixto takes its name from it’s founder. Besides Mr. Quimixto, Daniela’s father, uncles and grandfathers were among the first people to inhabit the land and have been working in the village from a very young age.

Due to its stunning landscape and beach the main source of work is tourism, the rest of the villagers work for Vallarta Adventures and only 1% is dedicated to fishing. Explore the heart of this town and experience the main areas where you can come and enjoy with your family.

What to do in Quimixto

What to do in Quimixto

Enjoy Local Mexican Cuisine & Raicilla

The main dishes you will find in Quimixto are ceviche, fish, nachos, hamburgers, and really everything related to Mexican food. Regarding drinks you can always find the traditional “raicilla”. Walk down the streets and visit Daniela’s uncle Carlos, the only man in the village who sells raicilla. This distilled spirit is produced right here in the town of Quimixto. Try it! It is very tasty.

Go Horseback Riding & Dive into Quimixto Waterfall

Go Horseback Riding & Dive into Quimixto Waterfall

At one time, 15 to 20 years ago, it was said that in Quimixto there were more horses than people. Why? Because they used to have six horses per family. That's how Quimixto was known in those days. Visit the horse back riding rental stables and embark on an eco adventure to the incredible waterfall. 

In order to get to the waterfall, you have to take a horse, why? Because it is a thirty minute walk, it's really a long climb, so you will get tired very quickly. We highly recommend you to take horses and enjoy nature. 

Don't forget to enjoy the waterfall. It is amazing! Take a dip, or rather jump in. The water is so fresh. You have to come and take advantage of this place, it's magnificent!

Relax on El Volador Beach

Relax on El Volador Beach

We cannot talk about Quimixto without mentioning that there is a significant place for the people, El Volador.

El Volador is a beach known worldwide because people from other places like: Europe, the United States, and South America, have come to surf here and have organized tournaments. Don't forget to visit El Volador, it's incredible and for real, you will have a great time.

Get to Know the Region of Jalisco

Just a short ride from Quimixto is Majahuitas, a stunning beach area that even hosts weddings. If you take a trip to the streets of Quimixto consider a tour of Majahuitas and explore the Yelapa Waterfall

Remember that Vallarta Adventures is here for you and we are going to make sure you have an incredible vacation. Ask our tour operators about other must-see destinations around Puerto Vallarta.

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