Facts & Myths About Mexico You Won’t Believe

Do you know what Mexico is famous for? Learn more facts about Mexico and find out whether the myths and rumors you have heard about Mexico are really true.

If you’ve never been to Mexico, you may only have bits and pieces of information about the country that doesn’t seem to add up. You probably know there are bustling resorts and beaches, delicious tacos and burritos, and great places to go scuba diving. You may have also heard some negative things from the media. While each of these pieces may hold a grain of truth, they do not paint an accurate picture of the beautiful landscape, exquisite cuisine, or the rich culture and incredible people.

Mexico country

Myths and Facts About Mexico

Many common myths about Mexico are quickly dismissed when travelers come to visit this beautiful country. You can prepare for a visit by learning some facts about Mexico before you come.

Mexico is part of North America, not Central or South America, and although it is known as mainly desert and sandy beaches, there are actually various diverse landscapes and biomes. You’ll find humid and tropical areas as well as mountain ranges and even places where it snows.

Guadalajara city

Many believe it is a very poor country with limited opportunities for careers and education. While there are some lower-income areas, much of the country hold middle and even upper-class status. There are large cities, acclaimed universities, and advanced careers in a variety of fields.

You may also be surprised to learn that many of the people, particularly in larger cities and tourist areas, speak fluent English. The people are friendly, generous, and extremely kind to American visitors.

What is Mexico Famous For?

What is Mexico famous for? Mexican culture is made up of three main components, and it is hard to imagine life in Mexico without any one of them: food, family, and fun!


One of the first things people associate with Mexico is great food like burritos and tacos. There are actually a lot of differences between the “Mexican food” in America and in Mexico. For example, the tacos aren’t crunchy and don’t have lettuce, cheese, or sour cream! One thing you can count on when it comes to cuisine is that the ingredients will be fresh and local. In fact, a lot of popular foods, like corn, tomato, avocado, chocolate, and vanilla originally came from Mexico. You’ll also find that creating the perfect flavors is as much an art form as it is a part of meal preparation.

Mexican gastronomy


Family heritage, honor, and tradition are a huge part of Mexican culture. There are even holidays dedicated entirely to celebrating families, like Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), which actually lasts for several days. During this time, families gather to pray for family members who have passed on, to aid them in their spiritual journey, and to celebrate their time on earth.


Another element often associated with Mexico is that it’s a great location to party for spring break, play on the beach, or spend your honeymoon. A great way to see the country, experience the culture, and have fun at the same time is by booking an adventure tour with Vallarta Adventures.

How to See the Real Mexico

Taking a tour with an experienced local guide offers a glimpse into Mexican culture that is much harder to get on your own. Check out some of the most immersive cultural tours from Vallarta Adventures below!

San Sebastian del Oeste | Vallarta Adventures

San Sebastian Del Oeste All Inclusive

This historic mining town in the heart of the Sierra Madre Mountains is full of landmarks, preserved architecture, and incredible views. Get a glimpse of the past and the present in a real Mexican village and enjoy an authentic lunch and tequila tasting.

Sayulita and San Pancho

Take a private tour of these beach towns, just north of Vallarta, and dive into the art and surfer culture amidst colorful umbrellas and street music. Shop for souvenirs and try fish tacos, ceviche, and homemade ice cream.

Hidden Mexico

Visit an 80-year-old family-owned lush tropical garden and the town of El Tuito, see ancient petroglyphs, and eat artisan bread cooked in a hillside oven. Enjoy a fresh lunch, tequila tasting, and dessert, and learn myths about Mexico from the pre-Hispanic ancestors.

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Reserve one of these cultural adventure tours, or one of the other exciting tours from Vallarta Adventures today and experience real life in Mexico!

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