The Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in downtown Puerto Vallarta

Learn where to visit to take beautiful urban photos of this naturally and culturally rich vacation destination in Mexico.

Top Puerto Vallarta Instagrammable places

We live in a visual world where beauty is celebrated for all to see via social media, so we’ve put together a list of the most Instagram-worthy spots in downtown Puerto Vallarta. These destinations will enhance your social feed and ensure you return home with a memory full of fabulous cultural wonders.

Here are the places you can’t miss!

Malecón de las Esculturas

If you’re looking to experience the heart of the city and Puerto Vallarta’s vibrant art culture, Malecón de las Esculturas is the place to go. Stretching just 750 meters along the coast, this seaside promenade is known for its open-air museum of sculptures that were created by renowned Mexican and foreign artists. With the sea as a backdrop, these beautiful art installations are great to pose in photos with.

Puerto Vallarta Malecon

Iglesia de Guadalupe

The Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe and its baroque-style crown, reminiscent of a delicate lace work, without a doubt one of the most recognizable symbols of Puerto Vallarta. It's incredibly complex architecture, beautiful brick and glass work make it an important part of any Instagrammer’s vacation photo album. There are infite spots to take great shots of this historical landmark, but we loved the angle from La Cappella, an open-air, above-ground restaurant that provides some of the most unique views of Puerto Vallarta's main church.

Puerto Vallarta church of our lady of Guadalupe

Downtown Gazebo

When walking the streets of downtown Puerto Vallarta, in the middle of charming Plaza de Armas, next to the Church of Guadalupe, you’ll find a beautiful white gazebo that will provide the perfect backdrop to photos with your loved ones. It’s a cultural hot-spot where locals and visitors alike can enjoy a family evening with local snacks, entertainment and music. While there you’ll also experience an extraordinary view of both the town church and emblematic boardwalk arches (Los Arcos del Malecon).

Plaza de Armas in Downtown Puerto Vallarta

El Mirador de la Cruz

Put on your comfortable clothes and take a walk between the cobbled streets and what seems like a thousand stairs to the top of La Cruz hill. It is at this viewpoint where you can feel the sea breeze and enjoy the famous Puerto Vallarta sunsets from above. In the foreground, the red roofs of the houses in the center stand out, as well as the iconic crown in the upper part of the parish of Guadalupe.

At El Mirador de la Cruz, you can take dozens of Instagram-worthy images including the extension of the port, the wide sea, the sunlight, the horizon and the curvature of the earth.

Puerto Vallarta viewpoint at El Mirador de la Cruz

El Parque de Los Azulejos

Formerly known as Lazaro Cardenas Park, the now renamed El Parque de Los Azulejos features one of Mexico’s most exciting public art installations: a colorful and inviting Tile Park. 

Created by American-born Mexican tile artist Natasha Moraga, this park located in the Romantic Zone, just steps away from Los Muertos pier, provides the perfect, colorful backdrop to feature in your vacation photos. As the artist herself explains "there are secrets, messages and signs hidden all over the place" in this beautiful public space full of geometry and color.

Parque de los Azulejos Puerto Vallarta Tile Park

Casitas Coloridas

Around the corner of Hotel Playa Los Arcos, in the Romantic Zone, next to Los Muertos pier you’ll find a trio of gorgeous colonial and colorful casitas. Pose in front of vibrant fuchsias, yellows and cool aquamarines, our city’s buildings – big and small – will complement and favourably contrast with every outfit and personality.

Instagrammable spots in Puerto Vallarta

Bar IK

Bar IK not only offers a unique culinary experience but beautiful sunset backdrops that is every instagrammer’s dream come true. Nestled right on the Los Muertos beach, Bar IK’s atmosphere features bohemian wooden furniture, including wooden nest swings that you can pose on with the sunset sea or the Los Muertos pier as a backdrop.

Bar IK Puerto Vallarta

Los Muertos Pier

Designed by the Mexican Biannual Architecture prize-winning architect, José de Jesús Torres Vega, Los Muertos Pier is another great place to take spectacular photos. Its design resembles one of the many sailboats cruising the warm waters of Puerto Vallarta's bay.

In the evening, the pier features an illuminated light show with changing colours, adding to its stunning appearance.

Los Muertos pier in Puerto Vallarta

Rainbow Staircase

Nestled in the hidden streets of Olas Atlas, you’ll find a beautiful rainbow staircase at the entrance of the Casa Maria Hotel Boutique. With inspirational phrases on each step such as "Give the world some love", this is a great spot to add more color to your instagram feed.

rainbow staircase in Puerto Vallarta

Murals & street art

While taking a stroll in downtown Puerto Vallarta you’ll want to keep an eye out for the handfuls of colorful wall murals, many of which you can find on Morelos street. Not only is it another great way to experience Puerto Vallarta’s art culture, but provides the perfect colorful backdrop to your vacation photos.

Puerto Vallarta murals


Take your camera and explore Puerto Vallarta

With so many expressions of colorful art in every corner of Puerto Vallarta, you won't have much trouble finding plenty of inspiration to fill your feed with unique eye-catching photos. Take your camera, put on comfortable shoes and start exploring downtown Vallarta.

Click on this map to find the exact location of the best Puerto Vallarta Instagrammable spots.

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