Guide to Puerto Vallarta’s Hotel Zone

Learn all about the Hotel Zone of Puerto Vallarta. Read this guide to learn about the best beaches, experiences, and shops to visit while vacationing.

Guide to the Puerto Vallarta’s Hotel Zone

The Hotel Zone in Puerto Vallarta is a must-visit area in Puerto Vallarta. It includes a number of hotels, resorts, dance clubs, discos, cinemas, restaurants, and more – all located near the beachfront. It’s a bustling region that offers visitors so much to see and do. 

Here’s an in-depth look at the Hotel Zone in Puerto Vallarta and the many great things to do in the area.

Where is the Hotel Zone of Puerto Vallarta

The Hotel Zone is set on a narrow area between the beach, or the Puerto Vallarta Marina specifically, and the highway that spans around Puerto Vallarta. It starts from the stadium to the cruise ship terminal. You'll find many hotels, all-inclusive resorts, shopping centers, and condos in this area. The Hotel Zone has so much to do and see.

Things To Do In the Hotel Zone of Puerto Vallarta

1. Go Shopping

La Isla comprises many international shops and even a full-service cinema. It's the top mall in Puerto Vallarta and the newest shopping center. Its design resembles a city square, complete with fountains and a river. It's an outdoor shopping center with a warm, inviting design, beautiful architecture, and tropical gardens. 

The Hotel Zone also has other shopping centers in the area, like Galerias Vallarta Shopping Mall or the Plaza Caracol.

2. Visit the Hotel Zone Beaches

There are five distinct golden beaches in the Hotel Zone area.   Playa de Oro (or "Gold Beach") is the main beach set against a beautiful mountain backdrop.

Playa Las Glorias (or "Glory Beach") is an excellent place for swimming, sunbathing, and surfing. The sunsets here are unbeatable!

Playa Los Tules is an excellent beach for swimming, sunbathing, and people-watching. The name comes from a type of grass native to the area. Los Tules Beach features emerald green waters and soft, golden sand. It's one of the quietest beaches in the area, and it is near the El Pitillal river.

Playa Camarones (or "Shrimp Beach") is a small, quiet beach perfect for families. This beach is one of the cleanest beaches and is a must-visit during your vacation. Try your hand at jet-skiing, stand-up paddle boarding, or parasailing. After a day of water sports, you can dine at the many bars and restaurants. 

Playa Tranquila (or "Quiet Beach") is another must-visit. It's near a creek and resorts.

3. Take a Boat Tour

Sailing on a private luxury yacht in Puerto Vallarta’s Hotel Zone

One of the best ways to see Puerto Vallarta's Hotel Zone is from the water. Many different boat tours are available, ranging from dinner cruises to snorkeling adventures and luxury private yachts.

4. Explore Old Town

Puerto Vallarta's El Centro

Old Town, also known as El Centro, is the historic center of Puerto Vallarta. This is where you'll find the city's main square, Plaza de Armas, and many shops, restaurants, and bars.

5. Visit the Museum of Naval History

The Museum of Naval History is located in Old Town, and it chronicles the maritime history of Puerto Vallarta. The museum is housed in a 19th-century Spanish fort.

6. Check Out the Local Art Scene

Puerto Vallarta is home to many talented artists. You can find their work on display at galleries throughout the city.

7. Take a Hike

Hiking in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta's Hotel Zone is set against a backdrop of lush, green mountains. There are many hiking trails to explore, and you'll be rewarded with stunning views of the city and the ocean. Be sure to ask about walking tours for an up-close and personal experience.

8. Go Golfing

Golfing in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is an excellent place for golfers. There are many world-class golf courses in the area, including the Marina Vallarta Golf Club and the Vista Vallarta Club de Golf.

9. Enjoy the Delicious Cuisine

Puerto Vallarta Cuisine

If you're interested in learning about Mexican cuisine, sign up for a cooking class. You'll learn to make traditional dishes like tacos, enchiladas, and mole sauce. Or, you can dine at some of the finest restaurants in Mexico.

10. Visit a Spa

Puerto Vallarta's Hotel Zone is home to many luxurious spas. Spend a day being pampered with a massage, facial, or body treatment.

Plan a Fun-Filled Adventure in the Hotel Zone in Puerto Vallarta

Make the most of your time in Puerto Vallarta and be sure to include a visit to the Hotel Zone to add some excitement to your getaway. Plan a day of sightseeing, shopping, and dining – all near a stunning beachfront. Explore everything that Puerto Vallarta has to offer with tours from Vallarta Adventures.

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