Dolphin Adventure Marine Center: American Humane Certified

Our Marine Mammal Care Center has been recognized with the Humane Conservation certification. Learn more about the standards of care and attention we provide to our dolphins and sea lions.

Puerto Vallarta Marine Life

Puerto Vallarta is home to a wide and beautiful range of marine life. Puerto Vallarta is surrounded by bays and the water of the Pacific Ocean. In these waters, you can find marine animals like blue & black marlins, sailfish, seabass, tuna, and even a variety of turtles, such as the red snapper. Specifically speaking the waters of Puerto Vallarta are home to turtle breeding grounds and have been for many tears. 

For these reasons, we can’t stand idly by and let these creatures and their habitat be damaged by human presence. So we do everything we can to make sure their beauty is not only safely enjoyed, but maintained and protected. 


How Vallarta Adventures is Different.

Swimming with dolphins and sea lions is a popular item on travel wish lists all over the world. Getting in the water with these playful and intelligent creatures is an experience that is hard to top, and even harder to forget. Unfortunately, not every facility provides the same level of care or conservation efforts that these beautiful marine mammals deserve. 

At Vallarta Adventures we are proud to provide the highest standards of animal care to our dolphins and sea lions. We have two dolphin centers, both located in Puerto Vallarta, where you can experience the dolphin encounter of your dreams and the funniest sea lion experiences from a facility that is Humane Conservation certified by American Humane.


What Does It Mean to Be Humane Conservation Certified?

American Humane is the largest certifier in the world for humane treatment and welfare of animals in interactive facilities like Dolphin Adventure from Vallarta Adventures. American Humane and Vallarta Adventures share the belief that people will be more involved in animal conservation efforts if given opportunities to learn about, and connect with, these amazing creatures. Many zoos, aquariums, and interactive facilities like ours have become sanctuaries or research centers, and contribute to the funding of thousands of conservation projects.


Humane Conservation certification obtained by Vallarta Adventures

A Humane Conservation certification from American Humane is designed to recognize facilities that meet the highest standards for animal welfare and are making outstanding contributions to animal conservation efforts. It is also used to encourage improvement in facilities that do not meet these requirements.

American Humane is a third party that is not affiliated with any specific institutions. It uses an evaluation model based on scientific studies and evidence-based findings to ensure these animals get the best possible care. 


Dolphin Adventure Center

The Dolphin Adventure Center provides educational programs and interactive experiences with dolphins and sea lions. We also focus on sea life rehabilitation and the health and care of Puerto Vallarta marine life. Our top priorities are the well-being of our animals and the safety of our guests, which is why our staff is made up of caring and knowledgeable experts.

We are honored and proud to have achieved a Humane Conservation certification and look forward to continued marine mammal protection efforts and education.

Dolphin Trainer at Vallarta Adventures

"The achievement of this important certification represents a tangible evidence of the high level of commitment that the Dolphin Adventure team have towards the welfare of the marine mammals under our care," said Lucio Conti, General Manager at Dolphin Adventure. "We are proud to be able to share this commitment with our guests through our daily interactive experiences.”

Rafael Sanchez, Animal Welfare Specialist at Dolphin Adventure, added, "I am proud to know that we are part of a company that looks after the animals in an exceptional way. Receiving this certification motivates us to continue putting all our passion and effort into the care and well-being of our family of marine mammals."


Puerto Vallarta Marine Life Encounters

There are several ways you can interact with the incredible Puerto Vallarta marine life at Dolphin Adventure. Check out some of the exciting tours available from Vallarta Adventures for swimming with dolphins and other marine mammals.


Dolphin Signature Swim & Dolphin Extreme

The Dolphin Signature Swim program is for participants aged five and older who want to learn more about our Pacific Bottlenose dolphins. Enjoy an interactive and educational dolphin encounter, get to know and play with these smart and fun aquatic friends before swimming belly to belly through the water.

parent and child playing with dolphin

On the other hand, the Dolphin Extreme program is recommended for participants who feel comfortable swimming, aged eight and older. In this one-hour long experience, you will have the opportunity to skim across the surface of the water on a boogie board during a two-dolphin foot-push, to speed through the deep on a unique underwater dolphin ride, and to receive lovely kisses from our friendly sea lions!

swimming underwater with dolphins

With both programs, the Dolphin Signature Swim and the Dolphin Extreme, you will enjoy delicious buffet lunch and an exciting speedboat ride across the sparkling waters of the Bay to the secluded island paradise known as Majahuitas Beach. This complimentary beach adventure makes the Dolphin Signature Swim and the Dolphin Extreme some of the best things to do for families in Vallarta.

majahuitas beach in puerto vallarta

Dolphin Kids

Dolphin Kids is for young children four and up. Parents can watch from the observation area while your kids get into a shallow pool with our expert trainers. They’ll have the opportunity to hug, pet, shake fins with, and even kiss their dolphin buddy.

girl playing with dolphin on vallarta adventures dolphin kids tour

Dolphin Trainer For a Day

As a Dolphin Trainer for a Day, you’ll get to learn how to care for, train, and communicate with the dolphins. You’ll also get to meet our sea lions and receive an exclusive t-shirt. Finally, our experts will teach you all about our marine mammal protection and conservation efforts and what you can do to help.

dolphin trainer for a day at vallarta adventures humane dolphin center

Book with Vallarta Adventures

Check out the dolphin encounters mentioned above, and more of our marine mammal experiences. We even offer custom special needs programs and a chance to hang out with our playful sea lions. Book your next adventure today and start planning the trip of a lifetime to Puerto Vallarta.

For more information about the Humane Conservation certification granted to Dolphin Adventure by American Humane, please read the press release here.


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