Guide to Zona Romántica: The Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone

Read this guide to learn all about the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta, a picturesque neighborhood known for its shops, restaurants, art & more.

Puerto Vallarta’s Romantic Zone is an absolute must-see for anyone visiting our beautiful region. In Zona Romántica – otherwise known as Viejo or Old Vallarta – you will find quaint streets lined with wonderful shops, restaurants, and cafes where you can spend the day savoring the vibrancy of traditional and modern Mexican culture.

Where is the Zona Romántica?

Zona Romántica is located within the southern part of Puerto Vallarta’s downtown area. To the north of the Zone is Rio Cuale, which borders its charming cobblestone streets and further accentuates the allure of this picture-perfect destination. When you come to visit Zona Romántica, you may cross the bridge over the Rio if you are coming from the heart of downtown. If you head from that northernmost point of the Zone down to its southern tip, you will discover the stunning Los Muertos Beach.

Things to do in Puerto Vallarta’s Romantic Zone

As soon as you arrive in Zona Romántica, you will know why it deserves such an endearing title. The townspeople will happily greet you as they set up shop and excitedly serve you your favorite Mexican treats and handcrafted goods. While you are visiting Zona Romántica, make the most of your time there with the following to do’s.

  1. Visit Restaurant Row to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner – or all three! Basilio Badillo aka Restaurant Row is home to countless eateries that offer gorgeous Mexican flavors as well as internationally-inspired dishes from chefs around the world.
  2. Go to the mile-long Malecon Boardwalk to take in the expansive view of Banderas Bay and Manuel Lepe’s famous mural “Fish Vendors”. Along this walk, you will encounter a number of artisans and lovely sculptures, so don’t forget your camera!

    Malecon Boardwalk
  3. Head to Los Muertos beach where you can bask in the sea and sun, stretched out on a lounge chair while enjoying the sea breeze.
  4. If you appreciate music and theatrical works, take in a show at the open-air amphitheater. This outdoor theater creates an unforgettable atmosphere for art and culture lovers alike.

    Open-air amphitheater
  5. Are you a classic movie buff? If so, why not visit the former home of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, which is located in Gringo Gulch – a historical town with incredible architecture and a rich legacy of romance.

    Former home of Elizabeth Taylor
  6. If you want to follow up your fantastic meal with a little pick-me-up, you won’t have to go far. Visit the aptly named Café Street for a delicious Mexican coffee served by one of the area’s warm and welcoming café owners.
  7. Finish off your day in Zona Romántica by taking part in the neighborhood’s lively nightlife scene. Hit up a local karaoke bar, enjoy unwinding with a cocktail along the bustling historical corridor or rip up the dancefloor at any number of clubs or bars nearby.

Explore the Culture of Puerto Vallarta

One of the things we love most about Puerto Vallarta’s Romantic Zone is how seamlessly it combines traditional Mexican culture with modern amenities and influences. As you walk around, you will see a lot of street art, which transforms the cobblestone pathways into a walking museum.

Explore the Culture of Puerto Vallarta

Spend your Saturday morning browsing bright-colored and expertly crafted handmade goods at Lazaro Cardenas Park. Visit several local vendors at the Old Town Farmers’ Market – a top attraction for locals and tourists alike. Both of these outdoor markets represent the best of Mexican ingredients, culinary flair, fashion, and culture.

Plan a Romantic Getaway in the Zona Romántica

Write your love story within the hallowed streets of Zona Romántica where you will find delicious food, unforgettable cultural flair, and an abundance of friendly faces. Spend an easy day acquainting yourself with one of the oldest and most popular places in Puerto Vallarta and you will quickly see all there is to love about it!

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