5 Puerto Vallarta Travel Tips You Need to Know

Before jetting off on your vacation to Puerto Vallarta, read up on our travel tips to prep yourself for all the destination has to offer. Here are our 5 Puerto Vallarta travel tips!

Located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, Puerto Vallarta is one of the premier seaside destinations in the entire Western Hemisphere. With a host of awesome activities to do and spectacular sights to see, this coastal city truly has something for everyone.

If you are traveling to Puerto Vallarta, you’ll want to be sure to be prepared for all that the city and surrounding area have to offer to get the most out of your trip. In this guide, our travel experts at Vallarta Adventures help you get prepared for all things Puerto Vallarta. Read on for 5 Puerto Vallarta Travel Tips You Need to Know, and book your next Puerto Vallarta adventure with our award-winning team today!

Tip #1: Know When to Travel

Before all else, you’ll want to figure out when, exactly, you are visiting Puerto Vallarta. Finding the perfect travel time requires weighing several factors, including the region’s weather, crowd sizes, and prices.

While Puerto Vallarta is most appealing to many travelers during the winter seasons, these months also come with the year’s most astronomical travel fares (winter is, however, the only season to whale watching in Puerto Vallarta.) Summer in Puerto Vallarta is beautiful but hot and rainy — and fall, though affordable, can come with sporadic showers.

In terms of both price and agreeable weather, we recommend booking your stay sometime during April – June.

For more information about seasonalities and the weather in Puerto Vallarta, plus a dailiy weather forecast, visit this link.

Tip #2: Book Early and Build an Itinerary

Puerto Vallarta is one of the most popular travel destinations in all of North America. At this coastal hotspot, reservations for hotels, resorts, and tour activities tend to fill up fast.

To ensure that you get to do everything on your Vallarta list, you’ll want to book as early as possible and build an itinerary so you don’t miss out on all this spectacular region has to offer. Here at Vallarta Adventures, we proudly lead a number of tours ranging from intensive outdoor excursions to laid-back sunset cruises. Explore all of our Puerto Vallarta tours here.

Puerto Vallarta is also a city that offers a myriad of cultural events you cannot miss, so make sure you check this list of the best Puerto Vallarta events, before choosing your travel dates.

Tip #3: Pack for the Outdoors

Located near the equator, Puerto Vallarta experiences warm temperatures year-round. As such, some of its most popular activities and attractions are outdoors. When traveling to Puerto Vallarta, pack outdoor clothes and gear suitable for warm weather. Swimsuits and sunscreen are essentials.

An umbrella is also an excellent choice: it can double as a sun shield on clear days and rain guard should sporadic showers show up. Be sure to pack a good pair of shoes for hikes and other outdoor excursions, and always check the local forecast before traveling.

Tip #4: Check Exchange Rates

When traveling to Puerto Vallarta or anywhere in Mexico, you’ll want to be sure to manage your money properly so you have enough to spend and never spend more than you have to. This starts by knowing when to exchange your U.S. dollars for pesos. Check the exchange rate before traveling: it’s a good idea to hold on to your US dollars if the exchange rate at a particular shop, hotel or restaurant is 21 pesos or fewer to the dollar.

If the exchange rate is more than 21 pesos to the dollar, you’ll want to withdraw pesos from an ATM and use them instead. U.S. dollars are also widely accepted in Puerto Vallarta, but try not to carry too much cash on your person. You should also pack your credit and debit cards to be safe, but don’t rely on them. Many places in Puerto Vallarta do not accept credit or debit cards.

Tip #5: Get Familiar With Puerto Vallarta Transportation

Getting around in Puerto Vallarta isn’t difficult, but it can be expensive if done incorrectly. You’ll encounter the city’s rampant taxi cab population the minute you step outside the airport. Cabs are perhaps the fastest way to get to where you’re going, but they’re not always the cheapest. If you elect to take a cab, it’s worth trying to negotiate the cab fare with the driver. If you’re polite, you may be able to get a deal on the rate.

Uber and InDriver apps are available and certainly more affordable than taxis; however, there are certain places where they won't be welcome such as the airport and some hotels. The other downside is that there are areas and times where it can be hard to find a ride, so make sure you don't opt for this option when you are in a rush.

In terms of cost and convenience, riding a bus is perhaps the best way to get around Puerto Vallarta. There are plenty of stops both in the city and in many neighboring hotspots, and the fares are a fraction of taxi fares. The bus is by far the most affordable means of getting from Puerto Vallarta Licenciado Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport (PVR) to the hotel zones. Renting a car is also an option but expect to pay hefty fees for the privilege.

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