Reasons to Consider a Yacht Charter for Your Next Vacation

While planning your next Vallarta vacation, discover the reasons you should consider chartering a private yacht during your stay.

Reasons to Consider a Yacht Charter for Your Next Vacation

Ride the waves in style during your next trip to Puerto Vallarta by choosing to charter a private yacht with Vallarta Adventures. Whether you are a seasoned sailor or you have yet to experience this unparalleled level of aquatic luxury, we highly recommend this form of elite transportation for every traveller with discerning taste. Discover a few reasons why our guests love our private yacht tours and what you can expect to enjoy when you hop aboard your next tour in Puerto Vallarta. ​​

1. A private yacht tour offers the ultimate way to unwind anyway you like

When you charter your own boat, you make the rules. Together with our highly knowledgeable crew, you can plan out the perfect day and evening sailing around the shores of Puerto Vallarta. Visit the coves, islands and landmarks that most interest you or simply spend an afternoon drifting along the azure sea, basking in the sun and the company of your loved ones. The trip is yours, so you’re welcome to navigate freely where the wind of Banderas Bay takes you, though some of our favorite destinations on this private yacht tour are:

  • Majahuitas Cove
  • Marietas Island National Park
  • Los Arcos National Park
  • Coastal fishing towns of the South part of the bay, such as:
  • Quimixto, Las Ánimas, Yelapa, Colomitos. 

A private yacht tour offers the ultimate way to unwind anyway you like

2. Perfect for any occasion, but especially ones you want to make incredibly special

We love welcoming guests on our private luxury yachts to celebrate the big milestones in their lives. From the perfect proposal through to a close-knit soiree for your 40th anniversary, a private yacht sets the ideal tone for an upscale party or romantic venture where you can wine, dine and take the most extraordinary pictures imaginable. 

Private yacht charter in Puerto Vallarta

3. You get to learn about the area and the boat from experts who make you a priority

During our private yacht tours, you will get one-on-one attention from local tour guides who love the sea, sailing and singing the praises of our local attractions.

Whale breaching during a yacht charter

Vallarta Adventures Private Yacht Charters

Discover our selection of exceptional private yacht charters, with options to suit every need to make your getaway unforgettable. Whether you prefer a sailing yacht for you and your closest friends and family or a catamaran for your larger group, the choice is yours. Our selection of charter yachts includes:

Azimut 62S Yacht

LONGITUD: 46.52 ft. | 14.18 m. 
CAPACITY: Max. 30 pax

Leopard Sailcat Sailing Catamaran

LONGITUD: 46.52 ft. | 14.18 m. 
CAPACITY: Max. 30 pax

Leopard Powercat Catamaran

LONGITUD: 46.13 ft. | 14.06 m. 
CAPACITY: Max. 30 pax

LONGITUD: 51 ft. | 15.5 m. 
CAPACITY: Max. 40 pax

Beneteau Monohull

LONGITUD: 50 ft. | 15.24 m. 
CAPACITY: Max. 20 pax


4. Go for a dip – or don’t – it’s up to you!

If you want to snorkel around our coral reefs, cool off during a refreshing dip or swim with some of our region’s favorite marine life, you will have the freedom to drop anchor and dive in whenever and wherever you want!

Jumping off a yacht into the ocean in Vallarta

5. Get all the unique experiences that come with yachting, without any of the effort

While our professional tour guides and sailing crew will be happy to teach you all about sailing, they won’t expect you to do any heavy lifting. That means, no expertise is required and you can leave everything up to our experienced, dedicated staff.

Get all the unique experiences that come with yachting

6. This decadent way to travel includes delicious food and beverages

Depending on your vision for the day, our tour guides will help you select menu items that reflect the vibrant cuisine of Puerto Vallarta. More than that, we will ensure you have access to our region’s finest wines and liquors, so you can sip and savour the flavors of celebration. With on board chefs in our cold kitchens and experienced mixologists, this tour will be tailored to your dream getaway.

Delicious food and beverages on a yacht charter in Vallarta

There are many more reasons why our private yacht tours are top rated amongst thousands of guests who have joined us in Puerto Vallarta. Reach out to our team today to discuss your options for chartering one of our luxury boats and, together, we will create the perfect itinerary for the party, playtime or upscale downtime you have in mind.


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