The Seasonal Weather of Puerto Vallarta

How to Get Ready for the Weather in Puerto Vallarta

While the average temperatures of the Puerto Vallarta weather don’t typically vary too much throughout the year, there are distinct differences between the dry and rainy seasons. This weather guide full of useful information can help you to properly prepare and plan the PV getaway that is perfect for you.

Puerto Vallarta, Weather

The best weather in Puerto Vallarta is all up to the traveler and what they prefer. This is a tropical climate, so in general, the weather is hot and humid, with temperatures that range from 71-83°F/21-28°C.

The Dry Season

The dry season runs November through June, with December through May being the mildest months. The afternoon highs average 86°F/30°C, with lovely cool evenings in the upper 60s°F/teens °C. There is very little rain February through May, so you can soak up every minute of sun during these months.


In addition to the slightly cooler temperatures, January through April is also much less humid. If you love the tropical breezes blowing through your hair, this is the time of year to go.

The Rainy Season

Puerto Vallarta weather has a slightly shorter rainy season than similar tropical destinations in the Pacific. July through September are the rainy months, the most rain coming in September with about 15 days of rain. But remember, rainy season, for the most part, just means that it is likely to rain almost every day, usually a morning shower and early evening rain. The rest of the PV day is gorgeous and sunny.


And, in case you are worried, hurricanes are rare in Puerto Vallarta due to the protection by Banderas Bay.

What to Wear for the Weather in Puerto Vallarta

All year round, you will be perfectly comfortable in swim clothes, sundresses, shorts, tanks, and flip-flops. Keep in mind that you may be closer to the equator in Puerto Vallarta than where you live, so the sun is more intense and you will burn faster. Make sure to use a sunscreen with a high SPF, and reapply often if in the water or sweating.


Surf shirts are awesome for those days when you have had enough sun, but not enough surf. Evenings may feel cool, particularly in the cooler months of December through May, so definitely pack a long-sleeve shirt, or even a light, comfy hoodie. After a day at the beach, your skin may feel hot, so the air will feel cooler.

Which Activities, When?

If you are into snorkeling and diving, October has the best water for those marine activities. If you are into surfing or want to take some surfing lessons, you can catch waves any time of the year, but the biggest Pacific waves roll in December through April. Even humpback whales enjoy the Puerto Vallarta weather and migrate from the North for their breeding season. The best time to see them breaching with their calves in a Whale Watching Adventure is from December through mid-March.


Remember, the summer months of July through September are the rainy season, so it can be hot and humid, and hiking or other trips into the jungle will be a lot more hot and sweaty. The cooler winter months of February and March are ideal for exploring the many beautiful and captivating beaches like Las Caletas, Yelapa, Majahuitas, Pizota, and Quimixto, among others.


Visit Puerto Vallarta

It is hard to say anything negative about the Puerto Vallarta weather because it really is beautiful nearly all the time. Even the rains bring a cool respite to a hot day and the beauty of rainbows to an already stunning location. Book a tour with Vallarta Adventures today, and be on your way to paradise!

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