Small Group Tours and Excursions in Puerto Vallarta

We keep our tours small so we can deliver a level of quality that is simply not possible with a larger number of people

At Vallarta Adventures, we see the added value of small group tours every single day. Rather than looking to maximize profitability by maxing out the number of people we include in our tours, we remain dedicated to delivering on highly personalized tour experiences, so our guests get to learn more and do more during the adventures of their lifetime.

By keeping our tours small, with very few reaching up to 30 guests, we are able to deliver a level of quality and refinement that is simply not possible with a larger number of people. These well-managed numbers mean less crowding, less rushing and more customization in accordance with the unique interests of our guests.

Explore Our Small Group Tours

Small Group Sea Adventure Tours in Puerto Vallarta

Small group paddle boarding in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is world-renowned for its beautiful sea and the incredible creatures who inhabit it. At Vallarta Adventures, we offer a number of different tours that allow our guests to get up close and personal with our region of the Pacific Ocean. Capped at 18 guests – with many tours including even less people – these adventures are designed to showcase the very best that our land and sea have to offer.

From an emphasis on luxury through to wild rides on horseback or safari, the following tours are available for the adventurers, unwinders and animal lovers in your group:

Small Group Cultural Tours in Puerto Vallarta

Small group being lead by tour guide on our Pueblos Cultural Tour

Our professional tour guides are proud of the vibrant culture that our community members, flavors and beautiful architecture come together to create. Our small group cultural tours will take you through our favorite towns where you can shop, taste and photograph your way around Puerto Vallarta and learn about the unique nuances that make it such a special place.

Small Group Dolphin & Sea Lion Encounters in Puerto Vallarta

Family posing with dolphin during small group dolphin encounter

We love our sea life and want to introduce you to some of the friendliest and most intelligent animals in the world. During our small group dolphin and sea lion tours, you will get to meet, swim with and learn about these wonderful mammals and their ways of life. Best of all, you can trust we take great care to ensure the safety, well-being and respect of these members of our tour team. That’s why, we limit every tour in terms of size and timing, so our “flippery” friends can get the downtime they need and deserve.

Small Group Adrenaline Tours in Puerto Vallarta

Small group posing in front of Vallarta Adventures’ truck during the outdoor zipline adventure tour

Ready to get your heart racing with your loved ones and newfound friends? Take part in one of our small group adrenaline tours and take your bravery to new heights. From natural born thrill seekers through to people who want to brave new boundaries, these tours will get you out in nature and out of your comfort zone.

Feeling shy about conquering your fears in a big group setting? Like the majority of our other tours, including all those listed here, our small group adrenaline activities tend to include an average of 18 people.

Small Group Scuba Diving Trips in Puerto Vallarta

Scuba divers underwater during our small group scuba diving trip

Discover an underwater world of magic while scuba diving off the shores of Puerto Vallarta. Our small group scuba diving trips are led by expert divers who will not only help ensure your safety, but will also guide you towards the “must-sea” sights. By limiting your dive group to an average of 18 guests, we avoid crowding to maximize your comfort and decrease the likelihood we will intimidate the cool, colorful creatures you came to visit.

Private Tours in Puerto Vallarta

Group saying cheers while on a private sunset sailing excursion

If our small groups are still not small enough for your taste, why not book a private tour in Puerto Vallarta? Keep the guest list to only your close friends and family and build a fully custom tour of the places on your bucket list. From luxury sailing excursions to private city escapades, our tour guides will cater to your ideal schedule and unique interests on a private tour you will never forget.

Reach out to our Vallarta Adventures team today and let’s chat about how we can create the perfect day during your visit to our beautiful region. We look forward to keeping you safe, entertained and engaged in a world of sea, sand and unparalleled experiences. 


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