Adventure Travel: Building a Path to Sustainability and Community

We create unforgettable Mexico adventures, but did you know we’re helping to build sustainable communities with every tour you book?

Our exciting eco-tours pack thrilling activities that will leave you with unforgettable memories. When you join us on our exciting outdoor excursions, you will explore some of Mexico's most diverse and awe-striking landscapes. At Vallarta Adventures, we are mindful to appreciate Mexico's incredible wildlife and our tours work to help conserve and protect these natural resources. Read on to learn about our sustainability efforts.


Eco-Tourism in Mexico: Explore Natural Wonders

Mexico is home to some of the most diverse landscapes in the world, including…


Snow-capped, blanketed in forest, hollowed out by craters, or just plain great for hiking.


Fishing, watersports, wildlife, and beauty curl through the country and out to sea.


A sustainability and community guide to Mexico

From subtropical to dry to cloud forests, these are some of Mexico's most biodiverse places.


Carved out of mountains and rock, breathtaking waterfalls churn new life into rivers and lakes.


Dry but full of life if you know where to look, desert covers most of Baja California Peninsula.


How We Help Build Sustainable Tourism and Communities

Our tours work to help conserve and protect these amazing natural resources by…

Encouraging a Love of Nature

Every dolphin kiss, adrenaline-pumping zip line, and camel ride helps guests discover something new to love – and protect – in nature.

Tree Planting

We help Mother Nature grow by leading the planting of 3,000 trees in areas around Mexico each year.

Incentivizing Conservation

We couldn’t offer our tour-goers such incredible experiences without protection for nature, so we advocate for conservation.

Fostering Local Communities

Most of our tour guides, leadership, and support staff are local; you get insider knowledge of the best places to visit and as a result, local economies grow.

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