The Best Way to Go Parasailing in Puerto Vallarta

Join Vallarta Adventures for our Ocean Mania Water Park tour and learn how to parasail. Parasailing in Puerto Vallarta is one activity you won’t want to miss!

Learn how to parasail on the exciting Ocean Mania Tour from Vallarta Adventures. This tour gives you the opportunity to try ten heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping activities in one day, and now that includes parasailing! With our expert guides on hand and the beautiful Banderas Bay in our backyard, this tour is the perfect way to try new and exciting adventures like parasailing in Puerto Vallarta.

How to Parasail

For parasailing, participants are secured to a parachute using straps and buckles, but instead of jumping from a plane and opening the parachute, you begin with the parachute already open. As the boat gains speed, the wind fills the parachute and lifts you above the water, rising higher as the boat goes faster.

Is Parasailing Safe?

When you book a tour with Vallarta Adventures, parasailing is an adrenaline rush—and it’s absolutely safe. Rest assured that our expert guides will be nearby at all times, and your safety is our number one priority.

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Ocean Mania is the only extreme water park in Puerto Vallarta, and it is located in a secluded cove on the beach. Its unique design includes various adventure activities to test your courage and provide hours of fun. Check out some of the activities you can try during your visit!


Learn how to parasail with this exciting new addition to the Ocean Mania tour. Strap into a harness and fly above the sea under a parachute umbrella attached to our boat. Enjoy the beautiful views of the pristine waters while you glide and soar at high speeds.

Speed Boat Ride Across the Bay

Start your day with a speed boat ride across Banderas Bay, ending at a one-of-a-kind water park. If you come between mid-December and mid-March, there is a good chance you’ll get to see Humpback whales along the way.

Sea Lion Encounter

Meet our friendly sea lions in this interactive aquatic adventure. Learn about the physiology, feeding habits, and behaviors of our sea lions before joining our trainers in the water. In our shallow pool, you’ll be able to play with the sea lions and even give them a hug or a kiss. This is a thrilling experience unlike any other.

Thriller Jet Boat Ride

Our Thriller Jet boat ride is unlike any boat you’ve ever ridden in. With the capability to make 360º spins, this boat can maneuver in a way no others can, which means unexpected sharp turns. Our boat captains are also trained to dive into the waves and take you under the water where you’ll be completely drenched before emerging.

Zipline to the Ocean

Try out the zip line and soar at incredible speeds toward, and right into, the ocean below you. This activity, along with The Blob and Step Up, are for ages 12 and older and require you to be in good physical condition to avoid injury.

The Blob

The Blob is a giant bouncy cushion that sits in the water and provides you with the perfect way to fly into the air and land in the ocean.

Rattlesnake Waterslide

What kind of water park would it be if there were no water slides? Don’t worry, Ocean Mania does include a long, fast, and twisty tube slide you can zip down during your visit.

Step Up

Step Up is a unique activity designed to test your strength, agility, and fear of heights. You’ll climb, or step onto, a series of consecutively taller wooden posts high above the ground. Thanks to a harness, you’ll be able to jump off at the end and float back to earth.

Power Snorkel

If you love to snorkel and also want adventure at high speeds, then make sure to try power snorkeling. Grab onto an underwater motorized device and allow it to propel you through the water at a breakneck pace. Enjoy the underwater view and local marine life as you zip by.

This half-day activity, packed with adrenaline-filled activities, includes also a light freshly prepared savory snack and soft drinks, making it the perfect way to spend a fun day with friends or family.

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To join us on the exciting Ocean Mania Tour and learn how to parasail, contact Vallarta Adventures and make reservations today! We’re rapidly gaining a reputation as the most extreme water park in Puerto Vallarta. Come see for yourself - if you dare!

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