10 Sculptures & Statues You Should Go See in Puerto Vallarta

Read our list of 10 must-see Puerto Vallarta sculptures to get a glimpse of the art & culture you can experience on your vacation.

Art lovers, rejoice! When you visit Puerto Vallarta on one of our cultural tours, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to beautiful, unique sculptures to visit. Here’s just a small sampling of the talent on display in this historical town, and we encourage you to contact us at Vallarta Adventures to book a full tour and experience everything we have to offer.

The Lovers

The Lovers - Puerto Vallarta Sculptures
Credit to: Michael B. - Tripadvisor

In front of the Iguana Restaurant on Calle Zaragoza, you’ll find a stunning sculpture of famous Hollywood couple Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. They have a rich history in Puerto Vallarta; the two of them were frequent visitors of the town throughout their time together.

Triton and Siren

Tritan & Siren - Puerto Vallarta Sculptures

One of the most recognized sculptures in Puerto Vallarta, it depicts Triton—one of the ancient Greek gods of the sea—reaching for a Siren, which are creatures of Greek mythology that notoriously lured sailors with their song. This classical beauty can be seen on the Malecon (boardwalk), where Mina Street meets Morelos Street.

The Vallarta Whale

The Vallarta Whale sculpture
Credit to: Vallartalifestyles.com

This well-known statue in Puerto Vallarta is often referred to as simply “the Whale” and used as a landmark when giving directions. According to the artist, the sculpture is a tribute to the importance of women in society. You can find the Whale at the entrance to Marina Vallarta, at the corner of Paseo de la Marina and Francisco Medina Ascencio avenue.

The Subtle Stone Eater

The Subtle Stone Eater

Inspired by the negative emotions we swallow through life, this unique sculpture can be spotted in downtown Puerto Vallarta, on the corner of Leona Vicario Street and the Malecon. While some find the statue shocking, others comment on the appeal of its surreal quality.

The Good Fortune Unicorn

The Good Fortune Unicorn - Puerto Vallarta Sculptures

If you’re seeking good fortune, you may want to pay a visit to this whimsical unicorn statue, which is said to bring luck to all who touch it. You can find it at the intersection of Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez street on the Malecon.

The Millennia

The Millennia - Puerto Vallarta Sculptures

Found where the Malecon begins on the north side, this impressive sculpture embodies three millennia of human history. As it moves upward, we see Charles the Great and Netzahualcoyotl, who symbolize eras of both great learning and of war. At the apex, there is a woman reaching for a dove, representing hope for peace.

The Orcas

The Orcas - Puerto Vallarta Sculptures

A hidden gem of Vallarta, Las Orcas depicts the majesty of orcas in motion, a sight that is common in the nearby Banderas Bay. You can find this statue in the Marina area, in front of the Velas Vallarta hotel.

The Boy on the Sea Horse

The Boy on the Sea Horse - Puerto Vallarta Sculptures

Considered an icon of Puerto Vallarta, this statue can be seen in two locations: on the Malecon, and on Los Muertos Beach. This was the first sculpture placed on the Malecon.

Angel of Hope and Messenger of Peace

The Angel of Hope & Messenger of Peace - Puerto Vallarta Sculptures

Located behind the Los Arcos amphitheater on the Malecon, this is one of Puerto Vallarta’s latest additions. This bronze statue shows an angel reaching heavenward, appealing for well-being and equality.

The Friendship Fountain

The Friendship Fountain - Puerto Vallarta Sculptures

Another of the town’s best-known sculptures portrays joyful dolphins leaping together, symbolizing Puerto Vallarta’s status as a sister city to Santa Barbara, California. It’s located beside the Naval Historical Museum on the southern end of the Malecon.

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