Top Day Trips to Take in Puerto Vallarta

Go out and explore on your vacation by taking a day trip. Read our top day trips to take in Puerto Vallarta and add it to your vacation itinerary.

Day trips are fun and interesting adventures that expand the opportunities for you to explore the many attractions and activities. When you go on day trips, you get to step away from your resort or vacation rental and experience what makes Puerto Vallarta special. Make sure to include these top day trips in Puerto Vallarta when you’re making your vacation itinerary.

Explore San Sebastian del Oeste

Aerial view of San Sebastián del Oeste near Puerto Vallarta

A visit to San Sebastian del Oeste is a step back in time to a charming mountain town steeped in history and traditions. While visiting, spend time at the Jardin Botanico Haraveri Gardens or take a short trek to lookout points to see panoramic views of the Mirado La Bufa Mountains. Make sure to visit the Hacienda Don Lalin Raicilla Distillery to taste their delicious tequila. A guided tour also offers a variety of interesting stops in San Sebastian del Oeste, such as perusing the exhibits at local museums, seeing craftsmen at work, or visiting a coffee plantation.

Visit the Marietas Islands

Marietas Islands near Puerto Vallarta

Enjoy a leisurely ride from Puerto Vallarta to the Marietas Islands where the group of uninhabited islands offers an excellent way to discover nature. Explore the beauty of the Hidden Beach nestled within the sea cave and go snorkeling in turquoise-blue waters. Savor the beauty of the Bay of Banderas and its rich sea life and observe the interesting wildlife species at Marietas Islands National Park.

Shop in Sayulita

Shop along the streets of Sayulita

About an hour's drive from Puerto Vallarta, you can enjoy the slow and easy pace of Sayulita where cool waters border sugar-white sandy beaches. The quaint town offers a variety of shopping and dining options. The beaches are a prime destination for enjoying your favorite water sports. From swimming, parasailing, and paddleboarding to surfing, sunbathing, and creating sandcastles, this day trip offers something for everyone of all ages to experience.

Tour Yelapa

Beach in Yelapa, Mexico

Locally dubbed as "the heaven on Earth", Yelapa is a lively coastal town located on the south part of the bay, in a privileged spot where land, river, and sea collide. This idyllic village boasts a stunning beach, perfect for lounging in the sun, tasting local flavors, or enjoying a cold beer at a beachfront bar. For those who want to explore, immerse yourself in a guided hike through Yelapa's charming streets, full of vibrant souvenirs, colorful handicrafts, and creative murals. The day-trip to Yelapa includes also a stop at a nearby inhabited beach called Majahuitas, making it the ideal choice for all sun-seekers. 

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Get the most out of your vacation by taking a day trip. There is so much to discover when you take trips to explore outside of the confines of your resort or vacation rental. There is something for everyone to enjoy. No matter which tour is chosen, the day is filled with exciting things to see and experience from the moment the tour begins. Whether you prefer luxury yachting, snorkeling, whale watching, or exploring national parks and sanctuaries, day trips in Puerto Vallarta offer a tropical paradise with an abundance of sun, sea, and sand. Choose which day trip to experience from the wide selection of tours from Vallarta Adventures.

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