Is ziplining scary? Not if you are prepared! Learn everything you need to know about zip line safety and zip line equipment with our zip lining tips for beginners.

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A Zip line adventure is the ultimate way to experience the surreal tropical jungles and natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta. You'll feel like a bird in flight as you soar over greenery and mountains and skim across the warm blue waters of the bay. But if you've never been zip-lining before, you may have some reservations.

Is ziplining scary?

It certainly offers thrills and a rush of adrenaline, of course, but it's not really scary for those who are properly educated and prepared in advance. Even those who are a little antsy usually have fun and all their fears melt and fly away within seconds after their zip line adventures begin.

Check out the rest of this post for zip-lining tips for beginners, including everything you need to know about zip-line equipment and zip-line safety or you can book your zip-line tour with Vallarta Adventures now!

Outdoor Adventure | Vallarta Adventures

Zip Line Equipment

When you go zip lining, you'll be wearing special equipment to keep you safe and enable you to soar at high speeds down the lines with some amazing views as an added bonus.

All reputable professional zip line companies, and tour companies like us, regularly inspect all equipment to ensure high quality and ultimate safety, so you can enjoy the view while flying through the air. Here is a list of the equipment you'll be using during your ride experience:

  • Helmet: As with all extreme sports, helmets are worn to protect your head from injury. Helmets should be free from any cracks or damage before putting them on and riding the zip lines. The helmet should be firmly strapped to the top of your head. Your guide will ensure your helmet is properly situated on your head.

  • Harness: The harness will allow you to attach to the zip line via a rope attachment. Harnesses will be inspected by your guide before your first zip line adventure. Make sure the harness is in a comfortable position, free of broken stitching, and allows for maximum weight.

  • Lanyards, Carabiners, Pulleys, and Trolleys: All of these various pieces will be used to carry you down the zip line safely. Your guide will make sure your equipment is free from damage and ready for use.

Puerto Vallarta Zip Lines - Safety & What to Wear

Zip line tours are a thrilling activity that is generally totally safe, but there are definitely some precautions you should take when soaring through the air at high speeds.

Be sure to listen to your guide on these tours and wear all the safety equipment. Never jump off the platform until you're instructed to do so.

Wait until other adult zip line users are cleared before you take a turn, and always pay attention to safety briefings. If you're pregnant, over the weight limit, or have other health impairments, avoid using the zip line.

Outdoor Adventure | Vallarta Adventures

Outdoor Zipline Tips For Beginners

Once you're familiar with zip line equipment and understand zip line safety precautions, there are still a few things you can do to optimize your zip line experience. Here are some zip line tips for beginners:

  • Wear close-toed shoes - You don't want your flip-flop to go flying off into the jungle, so make sure anything you wear is firmly secured to your person.

  • Choose comfortable clothing - You want to make sure your clothes fit the part. Wear gym clothes or otherwise breathable, loose clothing for the day.

  • Empty Your Pockets - Again, you don't want things flying out of your pockets as you rush down the zip line, so avoid bringing expensive gadgets or other items in your pocket for the zip line adventure.

  • Don't Take Selfies - We're sure you're dying to post your zip line adventure to Instagram, but play it safe and avoid taking selfies while in flight — we recommend leaving your phone on the ground anyway!

  • Wear Sunscreen and Bug Repellent - Zip lines will take you to places you otherwise might not be able to explore, like the depths of the forest. This means you may encounter some bugs and strong rays of sunshine, so lather up the protective sprays.

If you suffer from dizziness conditions, or health issues, or don't meet the minimum age requirements you should sit this on out. For safety reasons expecting Mothers should also take pause.

However, for those who are not faint of heart and are healthy, zip lines offer a great way to get above the tree-top canopies and experience a different view of Puerto Vallarta that even the locals have never seen.

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Now that you're prepared for your first zip line adventure, it's time to plan your trip and book your zip line experience! Choose Vallarta Adventures for exciting zip lines we know you will love or if you love adrenaline, check out some of our other exciting, fast-paced adventures like our UTV tour in Puerto Vallarta. We showcase the most thrilling zip lines and the friendliest, most professional, most knowledgeable guides in the business. Book your zip line adventure today.

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