Get an Adrenaline Rush and Incredible View When You Zipline Puerto Vallarta

Looking for an adrenaline rush with a scenic backdrop? Zipline Puerto Vallarta to get an amazing view of the jungle. Learn more today.

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Puerto Vallarta is known for being a luxury beach resort town where you can enjoy the ultimate escape to sunshine and white sand beaches any time of year. The city has a rich history and attracts travelers from all over the world to soak up the beauty. And while the tropical forest views and beachside fine dining are hard to beat, there’s definitely more to Puerto Vallarta than sitting on the beach.


If you’re looking for real Puerto Vallarta adventures and adrenaline kicks on your vacation, zip line Puerto Vallarta and you’ll be able to see the city from a whole new angle. Keep reading to learn why Vallarta Adventures is your best option for an incredible zip line experience.

Why Choose Vallarta Adventures?

If you’re looking to zip line Puerto Vallarta, you’ll be able to find a variety of options. How do you know which company to choose? We are the premier zip line option in Puerto Vallarta, offering fast-paced, high, and long lines only for the biggest thrill-seekers. We are the only eco-adventure park with more than just ziplines on your excursion. You’ll enjoy a range of exciting activities throughout your day, including mule riding, rappelling, driving a Polaris, and more.

Zipline Adventures

You can zip line Puerto Vallarta in several different ways when you book with us. Each package includes a full or half-day of captivating adventures you’ll remember for a lifetime. Check out our activities and discover why our tours are much more than zip lines!

Outdoor Zipline Adventure

The Outdoor Zipline Adventure package includes non-stop action as you take a speedboat across the bay to explore the Sierra Madre mountains. You’ll take all-terrain trucks across the forest, ride a mule up the mountain, glide on a series of zip lines including the fun up-side-down, hike narrow trails, rappel down steep rock faces by a crystalline waterfall and off of suspended platforms into cool, natural pools.


While being in Puerto Vallarta, you cannot miss the new and only Roller Coaster Zipline in Mexico! It fuses the fast free-flying sensation of a zip line with the ups, downs, and turns of a roller coaster giving you the ultimate thrill of flying. Finally, splashdown from the highest water slide drop in Mexico for a refreshing end to your journey.


The Outdoor Adventure is more than 10 activities in one pack!

roller coaster zipline over a river in puerto vallarta


Ocean Mania

Spend half a day getting your heart pounding when you book the Ocean Mania adventure. You’ll head to a secluded ocean cove for excitement like ziplining into the ocean, flying down the mountain in a Toboggan, and other totally unique water park adventures. Spend some time catching your breath and snorkel with stingrays or meet our friendly sea lions.


Finally, jump into our incredibly fast, twin-turbo jet boat, the Thriller. Feel the speed of 450HP on this breathtaking spin around the Bay. And, to close on a high note - literally - soar high above the water to enjoy amazing views while parasailing (our newest activity on this tour). It is an experience you cannot miss that mixes the excitement of high speed as you take off with the exhilarating feeling of flying.


Ocean Mania combines the fun of the water with the rush of ziplining in all the best ways!

ziplining over water in puerto vallarta


Extreme Zipline Adventure

True adrenaline junkies will be drawn to the Extreme Zipline Adventure, designed to give extreme thrills from start to finish. The adventure has been amped up even more with the Flight Skydiving Simulator, which allows you to experience weightlessness and the feeling of skydiving as you float on a bed of air. You’ll love the thrill of flying down the “Superman,” one of Mexico’s longest zip lines, or the excitement of our Pendulum swing.


Hop into some of the coolest 4x4 Polaris® RZR UTVs, for an off-road voyage of discovery as you explore the jungle floor on our specially designed off-road course. Sit side-by-side having a blast as you drop down steep grades,  over rocky river beds and climb up steep hills.


Our Extreme Adventure offers the most activities packed into one fun-filled day of excitement.

zip lining head first over puerto vallarta jungle


Kids Adventure Park at Las Caletas

If you are traveling with children, one of the best alternatives to the every-day sand castles on the beach is the Kids Adventure Park, a full section of Las Caletas Hideaway, with exciting activities for the little ones.


Designed to let them explore their adventurous side, kids will slide on a cool zip line, climb a fun crazy net, conquer the heights of a climbing wall and then rappel down under the lush vegetation of the tropical forest. The experience gets complete with wobbly hanging bridges and the cutest animal encounter.


A day at the Kids Adventure Park is a day they won’t forget!

kid zip lining at kids adventure park in las caletas


Our Online Reviews

Our customer reviews speak for themselves, revealing just why people love the Vallarta Adventures experience so much. Customers unanimously love that our guides are both knowledgeable and entertaining. You’ll feel like you’ve made a great new friend by the end of your excursion. Many of our customers say their zip line adventure was the highlight of their Puerto Vallarta trip, and it’s easy to see why.

Book Your Experience with Vallarta Adventures Today

If you’re convinced you need to see what all the fuss is about, book your tour with us today. No other zipline experience will offer the same variety of activities or level of thrill. With the fastest, longest, and highest ziplines in Puerto Vallarta, we are your best bet for an incredible zip line adventure.


Whether you’re stepping outside your comfort zone or wondering if we’ll meet your need for speed, you won’t be disappointed. Our professional guides have more than 200 hours of training to ensure your zip line safety and comfort throughout the day. So what are you waiting for? Incredible Puerto Vallarta adventures await you!

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