The Adventures Group has always been aware of the local contingencies and needs of the communities where its business operates. Our concern not only searches for developing the community's emerging markets, but brings aid when emergencies arise.

Vallarta Adventures’ Community Initiatives


When hurricane Dorian hit Nassau in 2019, Bahamas Adventure supported the local communities; we were part of the rescue teams and supply chains of humanitarian help, including food and supplies. We also used our UNIMOG, boats, and all vehicles we had available to assist the local population.

Also at Vallarta Adventures, we are constantly donating food to children of scarce resources in collaboration with foster homes, schools, and local NGOs.


As there were shortages of food the Adventure Group sent all the supplies possible to relieve the contingency of Dorian in 2019.


Due to the damage of infrastructure caused by Dorian, we decided to help with solar equipment that could bring light to the communities.


Also, due to our supportive vision, we contributed with the volunteer work of our staff during the rebuilding, cleaning, and restructuring of Dorian's aftermath.


As food became scarce in some communities after Dorian, we set the goal to help by preparing and serving free meals.

The Adventures Group has worked since its foundations in developing the community's chances for development by free nature educational tours to vulnerable social groups, and funding of excellence scholarships. 

Vallarta Adventures’ Community Initiatives

One of our distinctive approaches to communities is to share the stories of the inhabitants of local communities; as we work closely with them and many of our staff are part of these regions, we have as a goal to positively advertise the local market economy. Each community is part of our vast family!

Te Presento A Mi Pueblo

Te Presento A Mi Pueblo

A creative media project that reflects the life in detail of local communities with a native voice of their inhabitants. This is a tasty trip where gastronomy, art, and entertainment tell the story of small Mexican towns that preserve unique traits.

Historias Por Contar

Historias Por Contar

Local stories that focus on historical characters, sites, representative highlights in gastronomy, culture, history, arts & crafts, and beautiful sights that expose the richness we share with our local communities.