Our planet depends on how we act in our environment:  we, the Adventure Group, understand the global impact of eco-responsible tourism; we are responsible for developing creative approaches to the conservation of protected areas, aquatic biomes, jungles, deserts, reefs, and any other terrestrial ecosystems.

Besides, the conservation of biodiversity and the rescue of nature is one of our great concerns ―one of the significant challenges of our time, a situation that can't jeopardize the survival of more wild flora and fauna: our central purpose is to build long-term actions that secure a balanced relationship with nature and touristic interaction.

Reforestation Efforts

50,000+ HUANACAXTLE TREES are growing in our nurseries and will be donated to schools, hospitals, and local parks.

In 2019 we integrated our reforestation efforts with our Extreme Adventure and Outdoor Adventure tours, for which we have allocated more than 50,000 seeds; our guests plant their own, name them, and then let them grow protected in our nurseries. Upon reaching approximately 1.5 mt. high, these trees will be donated to schools, hospitals, and parks, helping to create more green areas and improve air quality.

Also, we focus on having a low impact on our sites, as in Vallarta Adventures, we only use between 15% and 20% of the total land area, turning the rest into protected areas, adding more than 480 hectares, which have been reforested with 16,000 native species.

+2,000 coconut palm trees

have been planted by our guests at las Caletas.

+15,750 trees of different species

have been planted as part of our reforestation program in all of the areas under our care.

+70 hectares of natural protected areas in Cabo

Tierra Sagrada and outdoor adventure at Cabo are protecting endemic species.

We protect 480+ hectares of tropical forest in Vallarta 

Our programs emphasize as well in the importance of inspiring young minds and their communities. We are always looking for opportunities for teaching by example and share knowledge regarding the importance of saving life.

Wildlife Protection

We proudly share many heartbreaking stories of rescued wildlife, from disentanglement to temporal adoption, and release. Our love for animals is well renowned throughout the Americas. 

We have been able to secure, heal, and release dozens of sea lions, dolphins, orcs, and marine mammals; these are just some few examples of a more than 25-year history of conserving wildlife!

Conservation at Vallarta Adventures