COVID-19 Protocols & Guidelines at Vallarta Adventures

Vallarta Adventures has adopted the necessary international safety guidelines and protocols in order to guarantee the safety and well-being of our guests and staff.

Our activities are designed for small numbers of guests and take place in open spaces, which significantly reduces any risk of contagion. Our protocols cover all care guidelines and focus mainly on:

  • Extreme cleaning measures
  • Hygiene in food and beverage preparation
  • Personal safety
  • Healthy social distancing 
  • Disinfection

Vallarta Adventures is one of the few adventure tourism companies with an internal safety and hygiene department, which ensures detailed compliance with each one of these protocols. The safety and well-being of our guests has been and will continue to be the priority in all of our experiences. 

Vallarta Adventures Staff Protocols

  1. Temperature is taken upon arrival, and if it’s 37.5ºC or higher, staff will not be able to access the facilities and will be sent to quarantine at home.
  2. Face shields or safety glasses and face masks are mandatory for all Vallarta Adventures staff members.
  3. Hands must be washed with water and soap every half hour.
  4. Staff must maintain a healthy distance of 5 ft. / 1.5 mt. between guests and other staff members.
  5. Uniforms and footwear will always be cleaned and sanitized. 

Vallarta Adventures Facility Protocols

  1. Cleaning and sanitation protocols apply in all areas. 
  2. Hand sanitizer is available in every area.
  3. Sanitizing mats are placed in all access points.
  4. Snorkeling, aquatic and safety equipment is sanitized between each use. 
  5. Healthy distance of 5 ft. / 1.5 mt. must be observed at all times.
  6. Visual aids are displayed in key places to remind guests about hygiene protocols. 

COVID-19 Protocols & Guidelines for Vallarta Adventures’ Guests

  1. Temperature is taken upon arrival to our facilities. If a guest’s temperature is equal or greater than 37.5ºC, they must return home or to their hotel. 
  2. During the tours, we recommend using face masks.
  3. Guests will need to sign a disclaimer that includes a health declaration.
  4. Guests must maintain a healthy distance of 5 ft. / 1.5 mt. between individuals outside of your group. 
  5. Sanitizing hand gel is available at any time. 
  6. Bracelets are properly disinfected before being given to guests.


Vallarta Adventures COVID-19 FAQs

What is an acceptable face covering? Can I bring my own?
Your face covering must cover your mouth but full face masks, face shields and surgical masks are acceptable. You are expected to bring your own face covering in order to participate on our tours and excursions.

When am I allowed to take off my face covering?    
Guests are allowed to take off their face masks during water-based activities such as swimming with dolphins, snorkeling as well as scuba diving. Guests are also allowed to remove their face covering on the boat tours and privates’ beaches as long as social distancing of 5 ft from individuals out of your party and crew members can be maintained.

Has capacity changed for tours and excursions?    
All of our tours and excursions have reduced capacity to 80% to limit the amount of guests on an adventure at any time and to encourage social distancing.

How are you implementing social distancing on your tours?    
We have reduced our capacity to 80% on all our tours and activities to encourage social distancing among our guests. We have also reduced the number of seats in our restaurants, theaters, boats and waiting areas to keep guests at a safe distance of 5ft from individuals outside their parties and Adventures Group crew members.

What happens if I have a temperature of 37.5ºC or above?
If you or an individual in your party presents a temperature of 37.5ºC or above you will be asked to return to your hotel and will not be allowed to participate in the tour or excursions.

I have checked my temperature at home, do I have to get it checked again?    
We will check the temperature of every guest regardless of if you have taken your temperature before arriving at your tour. This procedure is mandatory to ensure the safety of our guests and Adventures Group crew members

Will hand sanitizer be available for me?
Hand sanitizer will be available to all guests on all tours however we encourage guests to bring their own hand sanitizer as well.

What are your cleanliness and sanitization standards and procedures?    
All Adventures Group crew members are required to wear a face mask. Crew members must wash their hands every half hour and hand sanitizer must be applied before any tour or activity. We have also implemented physical distancing of 5 ft in all common areas.

Will all your tours and excursions be running?    
At this point in time, all of Adventures Group’s boat-based tours, zip lining adventures and dolphin swim centers are running. As procedures are established, we will announce the reopening of all our Mexico excursions for you to safely enjoy.

What are you doing to protect the animals at your facilities from COVID?    
We prioritize the safety of our dolphins and sea lions. We want to protect our animals, just as we protect our guests, to ensure that everyone can have a safe and enjoyable swim with our marine mammals. Our dolphin center crew members are wearing masks and following strict sanitization and hand washing protocols to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Will Adventures Group be providing face coverings?    
We have face masks available for purchase for guests who have forgotten or do not have access to an appropriate face covering. We encourage that you bring your own mask for your tour.

What are your cancellation and refund policies?    
Cancellations must be made 48 hours before the tour date in order for a full refund. If you cancel your tour less than 48 hours in advance, are late to the excursion or fail to show for your tour, no refunds will be given. You may postpone your tour or excursion up to 24 hours before your tour date. All date changes are subject to availability.

Will tour guides be wearing face coverings?    
All tour guides and Adventures Group crew members must wear a mask during all non-water activities and adventures where physical distancing is difficult.