Honeymoon Yacht Charter in Puerto Vallarta

You and your future spouse are about to finally take time away together to celebrate your love story and enjoy the most idyllic honeymoon possible in Puerto Vallarta. Your private honeymoon yacht charter will absolutely be the pinnacle of your romantic getaway. This luxury excursion will allow you to enjoy a day or evening completely removed from the busyness of your schedules, as you indulge in the uninterrupted – totally exclusive - elegance of a private chartered experience.

Elevate your honeymoon with five-star service, awe-inspiring sights, and a sense of peace and togetherness you can only find while lounging atop an upscale yacht and the azure waves of Puerto Vallarta. Book your honeymoon yacht charter with Vallarta Adventures now and prepare for an unparalleled foray into the lap of luxury.

Celebrate Your Honeymoon in Style with Vallarta Adventures

Your honeymoon deserves to be something truly extraordinary. Experience the difference that exceptional service, high-quality watercrafts, and impeccable food, drinks, and personalities can make for your special time away together. Book your honeymoon private yacht charter with Vallarta Adventures and give your spouse and yourself the gift of pure, uninterrupted romance atop the Pacific Ocean. 

Private Yacht Charter Honeymoon Highlights

After your wedding, you will likely be riding a wonderful high from all the exciting events that occurred during your special day. However, it’s also natural to feel a little overwhelmed and stretched thin from all the planning, coordination, and high-energy celebrating that led up to your time away. A yacht charter for your honeymoon will create the perfect ambiance for you and your partner to reconnect and disconnect from the busyness of your wedding.

Here are some of the ways Vallarta Adventures will support you to simply spend time enjoying one another’s company while lounging and loving on your luxury yacht:

  • Round trip transportation: The whole point of a honeymoon is to leave all your cares behind and allow others to pamper you from the moment you wake up until the last dance ends. Our Vallarta Adventures crew will pick you up and bring you to your take-off point and, after your gorgeous day in the sun, we will safely return you to your hotel.
  • First-class service from a vibrant bilingual crew: The dedication and expertise of our people make all the difference for our guests. Our bilingual crew members and service staff will take care of every single thing – from learning your favorite drink to teaching you about some of Puerto Vallarta’s rich culture (or totally leaving you be!), we are here to curate your perfect personal paradise.
  • Sip & savor your experience with an open bar and delicious lunch: Cheers to your life-long romance with a variety of top-shelf liquors, wines, and beer. Enjoy a fresh, delicious lunch that will give you all the energy you need for lounging, exploring, and making happy memories with the one you love most.
  • Visit breathtaking landmarks: Avoid the crowds and see exactly what you want to see, when and how you want to see it.
  • Your honeymoon is meant to be all about romantic fun under the sun: If you and your spouse want to snorkel, paddleboard, or take part in any other water activities, our Vallarta Adventures team will ensure you have the equipment you need.

Honeymoon Yacht Charter Destinations

During your honeymoon private yacht charter, you will get to explore as much or as little of Banderas Bay as you wish. Some of the landmarks other couples have requested to see include the always impressive Los Arcos – the natural arches that arise from the sea to form one of the region’s most photogenic spots. 

One of the biggest benefits of a private yacht charter is the flexibility to go to places you normally may miss out on during a touristy tour of Puerto Vallarta. However, during your Vallarta Adventures escape, we can steer your private yacht or catamaran right up to any one of the secluded beaches that line Banderas Bay. We highly recommend the swimmable Majahuitas cove or the lush jungle of Yelapa which boasts a truly stunning waterfall.

From Colomitos all the way to Pizota, we can take you to quieter coastal fishing towns or beachside hidden gems where you and your love can explore, sunbathe, or bask in local culture. Our tour guides will be happy to work with you to discern exactly where you want to go and how you want to spend your time once we get there.

Our Fleet

When you partner with Vallarta Adventures to plan your luxury honeymoon yacht charter, you have several boats to choose from. Depending on the size, look, and feel you are seeking, we can recommend whichever yacht or catamaran best aligns with your vision for your special romantic escape. Learn more about each of our top-of-the-line vessels and choose whichever one you and your partner feel most drawn to.

  • Beneteau 50 ft. monohull sailboat - up to 20 passengers
  • Leopard 46 ft. sailing catamaran - up to 30 passengers
  • Leopard 47 ft. yacht catamaran - up to 30 passengers
  • Azimut 62 ft. sport luxury yacht - up to 15 passengers

What's included in this tour

  • Private vessel with a bilingual crew
  • Lunch and open bar onboard
  • Snorkeling gear & paddleboards
  • Photography onboard (optional service)

What's excluded

  • Gratuities

What do you need to know before you book

  • COVID-19 protocols are implemented to ensure the safety of all our guests.
  • Please be aware that you must be at the check-in point 30 minutes prior to departure. Boarding will be closed 10 minutes prior to departure time.


Please be advised that Mexico's Federal Maritime Ports operate a strict No-Drug Policy, including electronic cigarettes, vapers, and all kinds of drugs. Please be advised not to bring them to any of our tours. We cannot offer a refund or change of day for any guest to who Federal Security has denied access.

What to bring

  • Swimsuit & Sun protective clothing
  • Sunglasses & hat
  • Towels