Scuba Dive at Marietas Islands

$119 USD-30%

$83 USD

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Scuba Dive at Marietas Islands

  • 7 Hours

  • Adults

  • Min 10 years old

  • Active

  • Small Groups


  • By regulation of the federal government, this tour is only available for certified divers. Please contact our Adventure Advisors for more information.
  • This certified, two-tank diving takes you to one of the best spots in Puerto Vallarta. Thanks in part to the efforts of conservationist Jacques Cousteau, the Marietas Islands Marine Reserve is a paradise of untouched tropical beauty, above and below the waves. When you experience Marietas Islands scuba diving, you will glide along an underwater mountain range that offers the perfect conditions for observing sharks, turtles, and other fascinating marine species that call the reserve home.

    This dive is for certified and experienced divers. All divers must provide their PADI Certification

    * This dive site is also available as a private excursion for certified divers (840 USD is the starting rate for up to 4 divers). Please contact our Adventure Advisors, toll-free from USA & Canada 1.888.526.2238 or SEND US AN EMAIL

    Diving at the Marietas Islands

    Your adventure begins on a boat that will take you 21 miles from the shore out into the furthest reaches of Banderas Bay. Depending on the time of year, you may spot dolphins cavorting in the water or a humpback whale breaching! The dive site, which is considered suitable for all levels, will wow you with its visibility.

    Travel through these clear waters and see volcanic formations, arches, spires, tunnels, and caves, which create the perfect setting for an amazing experience. You’ll see tropical fish, giant manta rays and other creatures that will convince you that the Mexican Pacific is a truly amazing place for diving and snorkeling.

    Why the Marietas Islands are So Beautiful

    These islands have no human residents and were actually the site of bomb testing in the first half of the 20th century. There’s no way to know for sure, but many of the most interesting features of the archipelago may be man-made! In the 1960s, Jacques Cousteau pioneered the idea of protecting this ecosystem though it took many decades for the islands to be officially christened Parque Nacional Islas Marietas. Today, the remarkable flora and fauna that can be found here are flourishing and eco-exploration helps fund the continued efforts to keep the Marietas Islands pristine and ensure that the wildlife can thrive.

    Scuba Dive at the Marietas Islands as Part of a Private Excursion

    You can scuba at the Marietas Islands as part of a private trip for your friends, family, business colleagues, school or dive club. Just contact us and let us know what kind of Puerto Vallarta vacation you’re dreaming of, and we’ll help you create it. The Marietas Islands aren’t just a gorgeous diving spot; they’re also a beautiful spot for anyone who loves relaxing in nature. Non-divers love these islands because they can go snorkeling and explore gorgeous coral reefs, whale watch from a kayak drifting gently in the sea, and then swim to a sandbank, where there’s nothing to do but enjoy the warmth of the sun and take in all the beauty.

    Get Certified to Scuba Dive at the Marietas Islands

    Vallarta Adventures' PADI Five Star Dive Center offers many dive certification courses designed to open up a world of opportunities beneath the surface of the sea, and many of our PADI certification courses can be completed while you are on your vacation if you do the book work before you leave home! Our PADI Scuba Diver Certification is one of the fastest ways to take a PADI scuba course administered by an experienced PADI-certified instructor. At the completion of the course, you will have a limited certification that allows you to dive in more locations as long as you’re in the company of a certified dive guide.

    Certified Dive - 2 Tanks 

    • Boat: Mid-sized Catamaran

    • Water Temp: 62-86°F/17-30°C

    • Average Visibility: 40 ft/12 m

    • Depth: 25-60 ft/7.5-18 m

    What's included in this experience

    • PADI Dive Master
    • Tank
    • 2 Dives
    • Light snack and purified water
    • Weights with belt

    What do you need to know before you book

    • Please be aware that you must be at the check-in point 30 minutes prior to departure. Boarding will be closed 10 minutes prior to departure time.

    • Minimum age is 10

    • All guest must show their PADI Certification for this dive.

    • Expecting mothers are restricted

    • Based on PADI’s flying after diving recommendations, Divers shouldn’t fly within 18 hours after two or more dives in a day

    • At least one immersion in the 12 months prior to diving with Vallarta Adventures is required

    • Guests with respiratory, cardiovascular or ear problems are restricted

    • Good mental and physical conditions are required

    • Guests under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not allowed

    • A USD$ 20 access fee per person will be collected at check-in
    • A $25 USD equipment rental fee will be applied at check-in for certified divers. This fee does not apply to beginner divers or certification courses.



    Please be advised that Mexico's Federal Maritime Ports operate a strict No-Drug Policy, including electronic cigarettes, vapers, and all kinds of drugs. Please be advised not to bring them to any of our tours. We cannot offer a refund or change of day for any guest to who Federal Security has denied access.

    What to bring

    • Swimsuit
    • Towel
    • Biodegradable Sunscreen
    • Valid Certification Card Minimum Scuba Diver Certification
    • Extra cash for dock fees, photos and souvenirs


    I have never scuba dived before can I still take one of these tours?
    Sure! If you haven’t scuba dived before and you are over 10 years of age you’ll need to take a Learn to Dive class first. These classes provide an in-depth instruction with our specialists at a number of hotels in and around Puerto Vallarta. Lessons take about 2 hours and course completion prepares you for a one-tank excursion to Los Arcos o en Las Caletas.
    What are the depths of the dives and how are they supervised?
  • Scuba divers with the PADI Open Water certification are automatically entitled to participate in two dives to a maximum depth of 60 feet.
  • Divers with PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Certification may participate in dives to a maximum depth 120 feet.
  • All dives are supervised by a dive instructor per each group of 4. We use the buddy system for our dives so you’ll never be alone.
    May I bring my own equipment?
    You have the option to bring your own equipment although Vallarta Adventures can provide you with a full equipment for $25usd rental fee.
    Can I create a custom itinerary and/or book a private trip?
    Yes! If you like the idea of booking a private trip for your friends family business colleagues school or dive club an Adventure Advisor will be more than happy to put together a special itinerary to fit your needs. Please call us at: 1 888.526.2238 (toll free from the U.S.A. & Canada) for more information.
    Are wetsuits available?
    Yes we have wetsuits available upon request during the winter months.

    Location Details

    Vallarta Adventures
    Vallarta Adventures' Center, Av. Las Palmas #39 Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit; ZC 63732, Mexico