Whale Watching in Puerto Vallarta

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Whale Watching in Puerto Vallarta

  • 3 Hours

  • Everyone

  • Min 6 years old

  • Easy

  • Small Groups

The 2024 Humpback Whale season in Puerto Vallarta starts on December 8th. Book in advance!

Capture memories like none other as you encounter the beauty and grace of humpback whales in Banderas Bay. Relax on board our inflatable boat and enjoy the panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean.

You’ll be led by one of our expert tour guides with extensive whale watching experience through Puerto Vallarta’s tropical waters. Our tour takes you to a number of scenic sea-level spots where you can get an up-close look at humpback whales in their natural habitat.

Take some incredible pictures from this unique, sea-level vantage point—a perspective hard to get in the natural world.

Experience Whale Watching Season in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Whale watching season in Puerto Vallarta begins in December and runs through to March. You can even sometimes spot whales as early as November or as late as May. However, the best time to see humpback whales in Puerto Vallarta is during the months of January and February.

We run specialized whale-watching excursions that you will not want to miss on your upcoming trip to Puerto Vallarta.

You’ll see humpback whales as they migrate from the arctic to breed and rear their young on the sheltered coasts of Banderas Bay and the warmer waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Witness Majestic Humpback Whales in Banderas Bay

The waters of Puerto Vallarta host one of the world's most stunning mammals - the humpback whale. Each winter, the humpbacks migrate from the arctic to breed and rear their young on the sheltered coasts of Banderas Bay.

Relax onboard our inflatable boat to enjoy the panoramic view of the Pacific as we venture along the breeding grounds to watch for these mesmerizing creatures. Take the most striking photographs from this unique, sea-level vantage point - a perspective that is a rare privilege in the natural world.

Lose yourself in the rich and exciting world of whales, dolphins, rays, and sea turtles. Listen to the magnified whale song through our onboard hydrophones. The mysterious, individual melodies can last anywhere from a few minutes up to a half-hour. The itinerary for the day remains flexible to make the most of whale watching and wildlife sightings.

Get an Up-Close View of Whales in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The most popular whale species in Puerto Vallarta is the humpback whale. They are frequently seen during the winter months and are members Of the North Eastern Pacific Ocean ecosystem.

The humpback whale population that passes through Puerto Vallarta has been predicted to be over 18,000 whales. These stunning creatures are vulnerable to extinction and are constantly threatened by ocean debris, pollution, and entanglement.

At Vallarta Adventures, we practice responsible whale watching to ensure the protection and increase the longevity of the humpback whale population in Puerto Vallarta.

If you’re looking for a truly unforgettable whale watching experience in Mexico, we’ve got you covered. For whale watching in Mexico, our tour takes you to strategic locations in Vallarta’s tropical waters.

There, you’ll see the humpback whales swimming and breaching in their natural winter and springtime breeding waters throughout the winter and spring months. With our tour guide’s extensive expertise, you’ll get a wealth of knowledge about these amazing marine mammals.

You’ll also have the chance to take incredible, breathtaking photos and videos to last a lifetime. So if you’re looking for whale watching in Puerto Vallarta, book a tour with us!

Why Pick Vallarta Adventures for Whale Watching in Puerto Vallarta?

If you want to see whales in Puerto Vallarta, then we have the biggest fleet of vessels and boats. That maximizes your chances of seeing these massive mammals during the Puerto Vallarta whale season. If any one of your boats spots whales, they will radio the rest of them to give them the coordinates.

The guides we have are experts in the behavior of marine mammals. They have multiple years of experience. They're also involved in different research projects that happen in conjunction with government agencies and private sector organizations.

Perhaps best of all, our team is part of RABEN, which stands for Red de Asistencia a Ballenas Enmalladas (in English, this stands for Whale Disentanglement Network).

This specialized team has a high level of training that helps them save humpback whales and other various marine mammals from fishing nets, releasing so far dozens of whales in the past few years.

What's included in this experience

  • Light snack
  • Purified water
  • Hydrophones

What do you need to know before you book

  • Please be aware that you must be at the check-in point 30 minutes prior to departure
  • Child prices apply to children ages 6 to 11
  • Children 12 years and older are considered an adult
  • This tour is not suitable for pregnant women and persons with back or neck problems. Please book our Whale Watching Adventure that takes place on spacious, steady catamarans instead of speedboats.


Please be advised that Mexico's Federal Maritime Ports operate a strict No-Drug Policy, including electronic cigarettes, vapers, and all kinds of drugs. We cannot offer a refund or change of day for any guest to who Federal Security has denied access.

What to bring

  • Camera
  • Hat
  • Biodegradable Sunscreen
  • Light sweater
  • An additional $25-peso conservation fee per person will be collected at check-in. All proceeds go toward the conservation of the humpback whales.
  • Extra cash for dock fees, photos and souvenirs


When is whale watching season in Puerto Vallarta?
The official season starts near the first weeks of December and it usually ends by the end of March.
When is the best time to see whales in Banderas Bay?
January and February tend to be the best months.
Vallarta Adventures has so many whale tours which is the best?
Our Mexico Whale Watching Photo Safari is ideal if you are looking for a specialized tour that offers the best probability of encountering Humpback Whales. Marietas Eco Discovery is a fun opportunity to combine whale watching with bird watching snorkeling paddle boarding and more! Las Caletas Beach Hideaway is great for families especially if you are travelling with little ones who will be amazed if we encounter a few whales along the way!
What kind of whales will we see?
Humpbacks are the most common whales in the Banderas Bay. Orcas are also seen in the winter and the least common ones include bride and minky whales.
Is this Mexico whale watching tour kid friendly?
Yes the minimum age requirement for our whale watching tours is 6 years old.
What is responsible whale watching?
Responsible whale watching in Mexico is the practice of ensuring that we follow guidelines to avoid collisions and stressing out or aggravating whales while on our tours. You can read our blog about responsible whale watching for more information.
When do I go and what do I wear whale watching?
As for the time of year whale watching season in Puerto Vallarta Mexico starts on December 8 and ends on March 23 every season. That means you need to dress appropriately for chilly early morning weather. Pants are better than shorts and it’s a good idea to bring a sweater or light jacket for the ride. Open water is where whales in Puerto Vallarta tend to be found which means there can be an intense glare from the sun. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen and bring some shades along. If you wear a cap during any of the whale-watching tours Puerto Vallarta Adventures has to offer it's likely to fly off in the breeze so be sure to bring an SPF-proof hat that can be tied or tightened.
What kind of camera works best for whale watching?
In most cases when you go whale watching in Puerto Vallarta you'll take photos using a mobile phone. If so we suggest you take photo bursts. iPhones have Live mode settings that also work out well. The reason for this is that whales jump quite unexpectedly. You want the best chance of a great shot. That's more likely if you have multiple photo frames to pick from. If you bring a professional camera then be sure to include a telephoto lens. Anything from 70 to 200 mm should work just fine. Just be sure you protect your equipment from the inevitable splashes of water.
How far off the coast will we travel?
Every day is unique. That's because whales are in a constant state of movement around the bay. However we usually find them along the coastline between the Marieta Islands and Puerto Vallarta.

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