Puerto Vallarta may be one of Mexico's largest resort destinations — but it's also home to a number of nearby cultural landmarks. Many small towns near Puerto Vallarta have historie... (read more)

Sayulita Tacos & Beer

Sayulita Tacos & Beer From $119 USD

Explore and taste the best of Mexican street food: Tacos! Our local expert will take you on a delicious food tour in Sayulita, revealing the greatest hidden places around you cannot miss. Walk the... (read more)

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PueblosFrom $109 USD

Designed for those who want to get into the vast and delicious Mexican Cuisine and its distinctive flavors. In addition to admiring fertile agricultural fields, we will visit an organic cocoa far... (read more)

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San Sebastian del Oeste All Inclusive

San Sebastian del Oeste All InclusiveFrom $92 USD

Nestled deep within the hills of the Sierra Madre mountain range, the historic Mexican town of San Sebastien del Oeste dates back to 1605, where it was settled by silver miners looking to strike bi... (read more)

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Offroad Adventure

Offroad AdventureFrom $119 USD

One of the biggest draws of the mountain towns near Puerto Vallarta are — you guessed it — their mountains. The Sierra Madre mountain range is home to a diverse range of stunning flora and fauna, a... (read more)

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Talpa & Mascota Tour

Talpa & Mascota TourFrom $129 USD

Talpa and Mascota, two mining towns near Puerto Vallarta, are among the most historically significant of all the small towns in Mexico. Founded by Spanish explorers over 400 years ago, these towns ... (read more)

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Sayulita and San Pancho

Sayulita and San PanchoFrom $109 USD

Not all of the small towns near Puerto Vallarta are tucked-away mountain mining towns. A few select gems sit right on the coast. Among the most scenic and culturally significant of these beach town... (read more)

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Hidden Mexico

Hidden MexicoFrom $119 USD

A Mexico tour is the perfect way to explore the charming south region of Vallarta, rich with heritage, history, and the natural beauty of South America. Awaken your senses to the sights, sounds, an... (read more)

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