Join us on in-depth tours of sites and small towns near Puerto Vallarta, including San Sebastien del Oeste, the colonial mining settlements Talpa and Mascota, and the hidden beach towns Sayulita and San Pancho. Enjoy authentic food, marvel at the historic architecture, and take in the many sights and sounds of these Mexican towns tucked away from time.


While many people expect there to be ancient ruins from the Mayans or Aztec people, this area was actually developed during colonial times which means there are no Aztec or Mayan ruins nearby. While there may not be any Aztec or Mayan ruins close to Puerto Vallarta, there are a lot of cultural and historical places to visit nearby. San Sebastian del Oeste, Talpa and Mascota are great examples of colonial architecture located near Puerto Vallarta. Discover some of these cultural landmarks on one of our amazing tours. You’ll find a variety of tours—from sampling local eats to exploring small towns that take you back in time.

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