Dolphins and Sea Lions

Swim with Dolphins and Sea Lions in Puerto Vallarta

Bring your dreams to life with a chance to swim with dolphins in Puerto Vallarta! Dolphin Adventures' world-class dolphin and sea lion center is the best place to swim with dolphins and sea lions.

We provide the most educational and interactive programs available with an incredible crew of genuinely caring, friendly, and entertaining professionals who are passionate about nature and also experts in their areas. Our top priority is the health and wellbeing of our animals as well as giving you the BEST day of your vacation. Come meet the lovable animals and the marine mammal experts who make Dolphin Adventure stand out!


All About Our Dolphin and Sea Lion Encounter Tours

Has swimming with dolphins always been a dream of yours? What about shaking hands (or flippers!) with sea lions? If you answered yes to either of these questions, our experiences with dolphins and sea lions are the perfect activity for you.


Get up close and personal with sea lions and swim with dolphins in Puerto Vallarta to create memories that will last a lifetime. Read on to learn all about our dolphin and sea lion encounter tours here at Vallarta Adventures.

Meet Dolphins and Sea Lions Like Never Before

Our dolphin and sea lion encounter tours take place at Dolphin Adventure, Puerto Vallarta’s world-renowned center for sea life rehabilitation and education. There, highly-trained and experienced marine professionals lead hands-on tours to educate visitors on marine life.


During our tour, you will get the opportunity to swim with dolphins and sea lions, all while learning about the many amazing characteristics of these animals. For a great educational experience combined with the exhilaration of swimming with dolphins and other marine life, there is no better tour.

Safety and Environmental-Friendliness Guaranteed

Here at Vallarta Adventures, we are passionate about preserving the environmental beauty of our native Puerto Vallarta and ensuring the safety of our visitors at all times. That’s why we’ve partnered with Dolphin Adventure to put together the region’s safest, most environmentally friendly sea life encounter tour.


The marine animals you’ll meet are all enjoying life in Dolphin Adventure’s world-class facilities, and the proceeds from your tour ticket will be used in part to fund rehabilitation efforts and upgrades at the center. Swimming with dolphins has never been more amazing, or more beneficial for Puerto Vallarta marine life.

Dolphin Centers with Humane Conservation™ Certification

At Dolphin Adventure we feel proud and honored to announce that our world-class dolphin center has obtained the Humane Conservation™ certification, which gives our guests comfort in knowing that our dolphins and sea lions receive the best care and respect. Partnering with the American Humane Association in their Humane Conservation program ensures that the highest level of animal welfare is ALWAYS met. 


For more information about the Humane Conservation program and certification, please click here.

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