Dolphins and Sea Lions

Swim With Dolphins and Sea Lions in Puerto Vallarta

Bring your dreams to life with a chance to swim with dolphins in Puerto Vallarta! Dolphin Adventures' world-clas... (read more)

Private Dolphin Swim

Private Dolphin SwimFrom $859 USD

Design a tailor-made dolphin swim encounter in Puerto Vallarta that will give you a singular opportunity to bond with these amazing, empathic animals. Under the guidance of an experienced marine ma... (read more)

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Dolphin Signature Swim

Dolphin Signature Swim From $159 USD

Experience everything dolphins are - playful, agile, intelligent, friendly and fast - in this intimate and unforgettable 40-minute group dolphin swim experience in Puerto Vallarta! You’ll swim, dan... (read more)

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Dolphin Adventure

Dolphin AdventureFrom $119 USD

You can do more than just swim with dolphins in Puerto Vallarta! This 30-minute hands-on dolphin encounter will introduce you to the power and speed of the Pacific bottlenose as you slice through t... (read more)

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Dolphin Extreme

Dolphin Extreme From $179 USD

This 60-minute, small-group encounter is for strong swimmers who want to interact with dolphins in their element! In a mask and fins, you will swim like the dolphins in Puerto Vallarta - free to gl... (read more)

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Dolphin Connection

Dolphin ConnectionFrom $99 USD

Bond with Puerto Vallarta dolphins in this magical, shallow-water encounter that offers a true face-to-face experience. With a marine mammal specialist at your side, you’ll learn everything you wan... (read more)

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Sea Lion Encounter

Sea Lion EncounterFrom $99 USD

Smart and quirky sea lions will charm you in this small-group, hands-on sea lion encounter in Puerto Vallarta that is the best way to get close to these amazing mammals. First, you’ll enjoy a quick... (read more)

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Dolphin Trainer for a Day

Dolphin Trainer for a DayFrom $189 USD

Whether you simply love dolphins or you’ve dreamed of becoming a marine biologist, this fun and educational full-day encounter is for you! The Trainer For a Day program gives you the chance to work... (read more)

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Dolphin Kids

Dolphin KidsFrom $95 USD

Swimming with dolphins isn’t just for grownups! This safe and fun small-group encounter was designed especially for children ages four to nine, who get a one-of-a-kind opportunity to swim with dolp... (read more)

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Las Caletas & Dolphins

Las Caletas & DolphinsFrom $199 USD

Do more for less on a tour that includes a trip to Las Caletas, which TripAdvisor has called one of the most beautiful secluded beaches in the world. This hidden paradise offers opportunities for b... (read more)

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