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Scuba diving in Puerto Vallarta Mexico |

Scuba Dive in Las Caletas

$169 USD-30%7 Hours
$118 USD

Do you want to dive in an exclusive spot that is beautiful and rated for both beginners and experien... more

Google: 5.0 - 17,870 reviews

Learn to scuba dive in Puerto Vallarta|

PADI Discover Scuba at Las Caletas

$189 USD-30%7 Hours
$132 USD

Have you always wanted to learn to dive and go scuba diving somewhere amazing? The underwater world ... more

Google: 5.0 - 17,870 reviews

Los Arcos Scuba diving for certified divers with Vallarta Adventures|

Scuba Dive at Los Arcos

$119 USD-30%4:30 Hours
$83 USD

Are you ready for your next diving adventure? The expert team of Vallarta Adventures' PADI Five Star... more

Google: 5.0 - 17,870 reviews

Puerto Vallarta Scuba Diving |

Scuba Diving in El Morro

$149 USD-30%6 Hours
$104 USD

You know you’ve reached El Morro, an advanced dive site on the edge of Banderas Bay when you set you... more

Google: 5.0 - 17,870 reviews

Go scuba diving in the Marieta Islands|

Scuba Dive at Marietas Islands

$119 USD-30%7 Hours
$83 USD

This certified, two-tank diving takes you to one of the best spots in Puerto Vallarta. Thanks in par... more

Google: 5.0 - 17,870 reviews

Princesa Shipwreck Scuba Dive in Puerto Vallarta|

Private Princesa Wreck Dive

$990 USD-30%4:30 Hours
$693 USD

Shipwrecks attract divers who want to learn more about history, see a ship’s mechanisms in a whole n... more

Google: 4.5 - 17,870 reviews

Scuba Diving for certified divers in Puerto Vallarta |

Private Scuba Dive in Los Anegados

$1200 USD-30%6 Hours
$840 USD

Join the professional team of Vallarta Adventures' PADI Five Star Dive Center for an hour-long trip ... more

Google: 5.0 - 17,870 reviews

scuba diver next to school of fish diving in chimo|

Private Scuba Dive at Chimo

$1500 USD-30%6 Hours
$1050 USD

Chimo is a secluded fishing village located in the south of Banderas Bay. Its privileged location cl... more

Google: 4.5 - 17,870 reviews

Scuba Dive Sites for experienced Divers in Puerto Vallarta Mexico |

Private Dive in Corbeteña

$1500 USD-30%7 Hours
$1050 USD

Certified divers can explore pristine waters in the furthest dive sites from Puerto Vallarta - and t... more

Google: 5.0 - 17,870 reviews

There is amazing scuba diving in Puerto Vallarta for certified divers alike! With our experienced guides, you can explore some of the most popular dive sites in Banderas Bay - even if you’re new to scuba! Puerto Vallarta diving is equal parts exhilarating and fascinating thanks to the diverse ecology of Mexico’s Pacific Coast. Join us for a dive (or three) and discover all there is to love offshore here in paradise!

A PADI 5-Star Dive Center in Puerto Vallarta

We’re proud that Vallarta Adventures has a PADI 5-Star Dive Center in Puerto Vallarta - because it’s one way to ensure our guests always have fun and stay safe on their dives. PADI 5-Star Dive Centers are progressive PADI Dive Shops that provide divers with a full range of scuba certification programs, scuba gear selection and scuba experience opportunities. When you scuba dive in Puerto Vallarta, it’s nice to know you’re working with people who have proven that they love diving and care for the underwater environment as much as you do.

Where are the best scuba diving sites in Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding regions are home to many stunning dive sites. Some of the most stunning Puerto Vallarta dive sites include:

What are the best scuba diving excursions for experienced dives in Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta is a great destination for certified scuba divers with a variety of stunning dive sites. For those looking for a more thrilling 2 tank diving experience, check out the following trips for certified divers:

What are the best scuba diving trips for beginners in Puerto Vallarta?

At Vallarta Adventures we offer many scuba diver certification courses to ensure that our guests have the proper training before hopping in the pool. Many of our dive trips can be modified to a single tank dive for beginners if specified prior to booking. Here are some of the most popular diving trips booked by beginners through our Adventure Advisors:

Which scuba diving experiences are the best for small-groups?

If you are looking for a more relaxed and up-close look at some of the most spectacular dive sites in Mexico, check out our private scuba diving experiences for certified divers including: 

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