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Private customized experiences are our specialty! If you want to go sailing, snorkeling, whale watching, or simply explore the beautiful Bay of Banderas in private, contact us at 1-888-526-2238 or [email protected]. For Groups & Incentives, contact us at +52 1 322 889 6077 or [email protected]

Las Caletas tour Puerto Vallarta|

Las Caletas Beach Hideaway

$159 USD-30%7 Hours
$111 USD

Welcome to Las Caletas Beach Hideaway, a breathtaking natural reserve featuring more than 20 thrilli... more

Google: 5.0 - 17,870 reviews

yelapa beach near puerto vallarta|

Yelapa Waterfall & Majahuitas Beach

$119 USD-30%7 Hours
$83 USD

Ready to spend a relaxing day in the south part of the bay and experience a little bit of the coasta... more

Google: 5.0 - 17,870 reviews

luxury yacht in Puerto Vallarta | Vallarta Adventures|

Luxury Yacht & Snorkeling

$139 USD-30%5 Hours
$97 USD

This exclusive experience invites you to explore the stunning beauty of the bay in small groups aboa... more

Google: 5.0 - 17,870 reviews

Best eco-tour in Puerto Vallarta|

Islas Marietas Eco Discovery

$119 USD-30%7 Hours
$83 USD

In terms of pristine natural beauty and scenic seaside vistas, few areas in the world are richer tha... more

Google: 5.0 - 17,870 reviews


Luxury Sailing

$129 USD-30%6 Hours
$90 USD

Bring your bathing suit and prepare for a day of relaxation and fun on this luxury sailing tour of b... more

Google: 5.0 - 17,870 reviews


Majahuitas Beach Day

$70 USD-30%6 Hours
$49 USD

Escape to paradise and spend the perfect beach day at Majahuitas. Available only on Sundays, this t... more

Google: 4.5 - 17,870 reviews


Hidden Beach Island Discovery

$169 USD-30%5 Hours
$118 USD

Embark on an extraordinary adventure to Puerto Vallarta’s hidden beach, on our exclusive small group... more

Google: 5.0 - 17,870 reviews

Sea Safari in Puerto Vallarta|

Sea Safari

$149 USD-30%6:30 Hours
$104 USD

If you’re looking for a tour with a mix of outdoor exploration and authentic Mexican culture, you wo... more

Google: 5.0 - 17,870 reviews

Whale watching tour with Vallarta Adventures|

Whale Watching in Puerto Vallarta

$89 USD-30%3 Hours
$62 USD

The 2024 Humpback Whale season in Puerto Vallarta starts on December 8th. Book in advance! Capture m... more

Google: 5.0 - 17,870 reviews

puerto vallarta boat whale watching|

Whale Watching Adventure

$99 USD-30%3 Hours
$69 USD

The 2024 Humpback Whale season in Puerto Vallarta starts on December 8th. Book in advance! Board our... more

Google: 4.5 - 17,870 reviews


Boat and Beach Tours in Puerto Vallarta

Experience the natural wonders of Puerto Vallarta beaches with one-of-a-kind day trips that start out on open waters! We keep a fleet of top-of-the-line speed boats, catamarans and sailing yachts crewed by exceptionally knowledgeable bilingual staff so we can take our guests to the best beaches near Puerto Vallarta during one of our exciting boat tours.

Sail Across Spectacular Waters in Puerto Vallarta

One of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of Vallarta is on the warm, calm waters of Banderas Bay. Our catamaran sailing tours and yacht charters are the perfect choice for travelers who are looking to sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery. Want to add a splash of adventure? These boat tours extend beyond the deck, and allow our guests to jump into the water to experience some of Puerto Vallarta’s top water sports including snorkeling and paddleboarding.

Capture a Glimpse of Marine Life in the Bay

Puerto Vallarta is a popular destination for whale watching, especially during the winter months. We offer whale watching excursions that will get you up close with the humpback whales as they migrate through Banderas Bay. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled aboard the boat, you may catch sight of manta rays, sea turtles or a bottlenose dolphin.

Sink Your Toes in the Sand at Secluded Beaches

Take a break at the beach with an excursion to a hidden cove or a private club. Cruise into a tropical paradise on one of luxury sailing catamarans and spend the day exactly how you wish. Soak up the sun with a cocktail in hand or choose from a selection of thrilling water sports, your time on the sand is what you make of it. From the natural beauty of the Hidden Beach to the exciting activities available from the shore of Las Caletas, our boat tours will take you to the most stunning shores in all of Puerto Vallarta.

Add a Sea Adventure to Your Trip to Puerto Vallarta

Comfort and luxury precede relaxation and adventure on our boat tours where attention to detail and warm, friendly service is prioritized. Whether you’re dreaming of snoozing away the hours on a hammock on a secluded beach or making friends with a Pacific bottlenose dolphin, our Adventure crew can make it happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Best Excursions for Boat Tours & Water Sports in Puerto Vallarta?

There are many great opportunities to experience the water in Puerto Vallarta. At Vallarta Adventures we offer some of the best boat tours & water sport adventures available in the region including:

What are the Best Locations for Boat Tours in Puerto Vallarta?

The Puerto Vallarta region is filled with stunning locations to explore by boat. One of the best places to explore aboard a ship from our fleet is Banderas Bay. We provide many adventures that cruise across the bay including: 

Are the Beaches in Puerto Vallarta Swimmable?

The calm waters of Banderas Bay make Puerto Vallarta beaches perfect for swimming. Our beach tours take you to private and secluded locations for a relaxing experience surrounded by nature. If you are looking to dip your toes in the water on your vacation consider one of the following tours:

How Can I See Whales in Puerto Vallarta?

The best place to watch whales in Puerto Vallarta is from the water. Our Whale Watching Photo Safari is the perfect excursion for marine life enthusiasts.

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