Rhythms of the Night - 2018 Party!

Celebrate New Year's Eve at Las Caletas where the magic of Rhythms of the Night is extended into 2018 with all of the amazing elements of the traditional tour plus, for this special night, you'll ring in the New Year as your catamaran drifts just off of downtown Vallarta, giving you the perfect spot to watch one of the greatest firework displays in Mexico as the entire bay lights up in celebration.

Getting there

Your adventure begins with a scenic ocean cruise across Banderas Bay to the isolated cove of Las Caletas. As the sun sinks into the Pacific Ocean and darkness descends, you'll enjoy a privileged view of the shimmering lights scattered along the coastline. As the lights diminish, our journey continues beneath the stars - until a flicker of torches guide us to the secluded haven of Las Caletas.

Las Caletas at NightA private paradise

Once on shore, your senses will be ignited by the sounds, sights, smells and tastes that soon evelope you. The gently lapping sea and swaying palms set the mood and soothing music mixes with the rhythms of the jungle as you follow a torchlit trail past re-enactments of ancient rituals and customs.

Dining under the stars

Enticing aromas of freshly cooked salmon, chicken, beef and raviolis taken to your table on the beach lit only with candles will make your night unforgettable. To enjoy a wide variety of cheeses, salads and side dishes the evening could not get more perfect than that. The dessert bar with options such as crème brûlée, flan double-cream cheese mezcal and chocolate cheese cake with red fruits will sweeten the occasion.

The pyramid stage

You'll savor every moment of this unique dining experience whether you are with your special someone or with a group. While lingering over coffee and dessert, the pulsing beat of native drums summon you to our outdoor amphitheater. Here, hidden at the edge of the tropical jungle, a torch-lit pyramid sets the scene, creating the atmosphere for a mesmerizing and breathtaking theatrical performance.

Torch Lighting

Start the show and the Party

In a hypnotic and exhilarating spectacle, stories of an ancient civilization are told through live music and modern dance as one of Mexico's most innovative contemporary dance troupes transport you on a magical and mystical journey through time. After the show, we will head back toward Vallarta under that stars to ring in the New Year just offshore from the world-famous Malecon, an amazing place to witness the New Year celebration in Vallarta.  We'll enjoy a magical and unique view from the catamaran as the bay lights up with one of the most spectacular fireworks shows in Mexico.