Discover the Magical Mining Town of Talpa de Allende

The beautiful town of Talpa de Allende in Jalisco is a community nestled in the Sierra Madre mountains, away from all the noise and activity in the tourist areas of Puerto Vallarta. This mining town is referred to as “pueblos magicos” or magic villages, because of its cultural significance and preservation of history.

Discover the authentic Mexican village of Talpa de Allende with local tour guide Aldofo.

Visit The Virgin Rosario de Talpa

When you enter the pueblos magico you will notice the phrase “La Calzada de las Reinas”. This translates to “a place that welcomes all pilgrims”. Every year thousands of families arrive on pilgrimage at the large church to pay respects to the virgin Rosario de Talpa.

If you visit at the right date and time of year, you may get to witness the impressive procession, led by a band while all the bells of the church ring. The streets are lined with statues of the Virgin Mary for people to leave their offerings but only a few meters away is the main shrine.

The History of the Statue

You might be wondering why people have been visiting this remote village year after year. Well, the statue of the Virgin of the Rosary of Talpa has a really peculiar history.  Approximately 375 years ago, in a parish, the statue underwent an extensive renovation.

Because of this renovation, families began to come to the town to ask for the famous “mandas” - requests for favours made with great faith and devotion. Today, people visit the main basilica of the town from March 12th to 19th. Thousands of people come walking down the mountain to make their offerings and ask for the favours of the Virgin of Talpa.

Take Time to See the Old Chapel

In the entire town, the old chapel is the most sacred place. The old chapel was the location where the statue of the Virgin was restored. When the statue was ready it was moved to the main basilica, but it left a large hole in the ground of the old chapel.

This was never filled in and the well continues to receive offerings from all Talpa visitors. Though tourists may marvel at the grandness of the main basilica, to the locals the old chapel is one of the most cherished places.

Experience the Streets of Talpa

Walking through the streets of Talpa makes you feel alive. To taste and smell everything while exploring the candy shops and visiting the cathedrals is an experience that everybody should have.

Try Traditional Tejuino

After a long walk under the sun, you may be looking to cool off and there's nothing better than a delicious tejuino. You might be asking what a tejuino is? It is a millenary beverage the locals have been drinking for a long time.

It's, basically, fermented corn to which they add a touch of lemon and salt to give it more flavor. This beverage rehydrates you and fills you with electrolytes. 

Enjoy Mexican Candies

The town is also home to a candy factory that leaves its sweet aroma wafting through the cobblestone streets. The guava roll is one of the tastiest and healthiest Mexican candies since it only has two ingredients, the famous guava and sugar. To make the candy you only have to cook the guava with sugar in large copper containers, and in two hours it's ready.

The most popular of all candies here is the famous “Talpa's chewing gum”. This talpa treat has been consumed for millennia, from the Mayan cultures until the present. This one style of chewing gum is made of only tree sap mixed with natural dyes.

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Talpa is a special town to visit because it offers so much rich history and immersive culture while escaping the busy city making it one of those popular places. There are also incredible mountain views and plenty of opportunities to try delicious food.

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